Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spending the day with Shaz

I have to combine two entry into one. I can't believe that I actually slept at 11pm last night! This is the earliest time I sleep since...... whatever!

Back to the topic. After we had our lunch at Fish & Co. Cedric bump into us. He joined us after this. Dragon Head and Cedric really sit on the floor in front of PDI when we discussing where to go. OMG! We went for some Arcade later. Dragon Head was very tired or sleepy, so he go home first.

Anyway, there was some KIDS like 13/14 years old boy, dancing there! Cedric seem very not syok them and we were watching them dancing and discuss, why they can't go studio or club or somewhere to dance? Why must they choose SHOPPING MALL? I think their parent kick them out of the house and they got no place to go and no money, thats why they choose shopping mall. Suddenly, Cedric said, OMG! Look at his undies! *Cedric show me his* Is the same! Muahahahha!

I cepat cepat tangkap gambar orang itu. *look at his undies* Meanwhile, Shaz and Koolz were playing some shooting game. Shaz "die" afterward. Cedric do try some shooting games too. Unfortunately, he "die" in just a minute even though it has 3 chance to reincarnation. Muahhahaa... Shaz looks like a BIG KIDS! He is not an adult!

This two guys keep playing with the fake gun.

Shaz tak boleh jadi adult!

I should have finish it here but I need to combine two post into one, so continue! Shaz want makan AGAIN! So we want to go Chilis but belum buka! Only for invited customer cause "training in progress"! We went for DOME! Thanks Shaz for the treat! We had this tea I forgot the name. :(

I think is Caramel Tea. Whatever!

And this wedges too.

Cedric entertain us with his bloody joke. Then we went for shopping. Cedric's mom called and the monkey dah cabut lari! Then we went to Gurney Drive food court. (eat again??!!)

I see pretty girls! :P

Shaz treat us again! Thanks for the soya bean! Bla bla bla...... *chatting in progress* Is about time for to to sleep. We went back. I dropped Shaz and Koolz at Northam Hotel. I don't know what they do lah. :P One last photo I took before I leave Gurney Drive. Is not a best shot.

Chee Hsien

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