Sunday, May 20, 2007

KLG @ Butterworth

So, rewind back the time to 17th of May which is Caldin's birthday.

We went to a place called KLG. The place ar...... Very quite lar.....

Normally, when you go to KFC or McD at dinner time, sure got long queue one right? But how KLG no queue?

The worker there "makan ular". Not even one worker ready to serve.

Okla, one good thing is there got a playground for KIDS!

One thing you gotta hate, there have fliessssssssssssss!!!

Actually wasn't that bad lah. There only 2 or 3 flies flying around my table only. So damn lucky I caught them in action everywhere they went. That place is not the best choice to hang out like McD, so my friend finish the chicken and other stuff-that-can-eat then we cabut already. We going to other place.

Which part of expressway you will see this sign? If you found out you will definitely know where am I going. So where am I going? Check it out next post :P

Chee Hsien

5 burger(s):

nuclear said...

i know wher u're goin after dat KLG.. haha!! AUTOCITY~~~ again.. hahha!!

anyway, i pass by KLG few times n i never see a single soul in ther.. lol..

-ritchie- said...

KLG? taste better than KFC or McD?

bubbly soda said...

eeeyer the kfc so lalatfied!!! geli la. It looks so haunted.

Chee Hsien said...

nuclear : lolx... smart huh?

ritchie : Idk, i didnt try it even though i was there.

melly : lolx... K~~L~~G...

Nicholas Chan said...

walau! klg? kfc copydog man! not cool the klg