Saturday, June 30, 2007

Shouters Never Stop

So, after all the things, we had a group photo. Too bad some of them had left..

But one thing you'll never know, SHOUTERS just won't stop. Right after we paid out bills, everyone is leaving, we waited outside. *Psst, some shit just walk away without paying and boss stewie have to dig some money to pay for them.* One thing you will never know, SHOUTERS camwhore for about one hours there.

I like to kacau....

All in black...

This is the advantage of staying late... You get kennysia to camwhore with you.

Kenny so cute :D

If you have been viewing all the photo, you will notice something.

The twins!! Michelle and Gillian. I don't know who is who.

Shouters just won't stop.

So after all this camwhore, you think we gone back?? No we don't! Find out where we go next post. Muahahha..

Chee Hsien

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Speech By Me to ShoutOut

Second post of the day....



Kepada semua YB, to all that still alive, and half alive, and also to those who already not alive. To my beloved readers, my beloved haters, my friends, whoever that came across my little secret's blog and especially the SHOUTERS!!!

Lasker, would like me to give some speech in ShoutOut when I reach my 5000th shouts. As the first shouter reached the 5000th shouts, and also the first person that made history for being the first 1000th, 2000th, 3000th and 4000th shouts, 5000th shouts is a very high achieve for now. Lasker will very happy because his ShoutOut is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger.

I would like to start my so called speech.

Firstly, I would like to thank Lasker and Elise for created the ShoutOut. If wasn't for them, we won't have so much fun. SHOUTERS!! Do you agree??!! I really wanna say this for long time already, ShoutOut really made my day. No matter I'm hyper, or in a bad mood, once I come to ShoutOut, my mood will turn happily. This is because ShoutOut has all the funky-funky bloggers that we name all of them the Shouters! I bet you can see during The Orient's Voice, we make so much noise, even the MC said, Shouters make some noise!! On the another way, I didn't meet the shouters before, we were just shout is ShoutOut for over the month only. But when we met at FoodLoft, we just felt like we're already close friend. We said "hi", then we talk like what we usually do in ShoutOut. The way we talk, the way we fooling, the way we joking. We really bring the Virtual Life into the Real Life. How cool can that be?? SHOUTERS ROCK!!

Perhaps you will ask, how in the world I came across this ShoutOut? I can tell you, is a fate! Somehow, but I don't know how, but somehow, I added. I knew I came across aL's, PC's and Nalini's blog and saw the same thing. I was wondering how can that be and given it a try. So now here I am, the ShoutOut has finally formed a community, a small community that made my day brighter and brighter day by day. I wonder how I can surpass the live without shouting in ShoutOut. During the time I added ShoutOut, it was only a few blogs have it, not even more than 10 okey? I'm the sixth blogger that added. But NOW, it is about 55 bloggers had it. OMG, I don't know about it until I counted for it. Maybe you will ask why in the hell I like ShoutOut so much? I can't tell you here. It is for you to find out.

This ShoutOut, Cedric said is a software that never sleep. I'm afraid is true. The only time that we really sleep is during 4am-6am. Shouters need rest too right? But 6am-4am, we shout non-stop. I think I just got myself addicted, and so for the others. Whenever the time it is, sure got shouter reply there.

I can tell you, this is just the beginning. It hasn't reach the very top yet. I got this feeling that we're will have more fun in the future. We're are currently planning a monthly event. For the month of July, we will going to Pantai Kerachut. Next next month will have something going on... We might going to KL as well to meet up the shouters and bloggers from KL. If it is possible, I was thinking traveling around Malaysia but the problem is I don't have money.

Who know? Someday ShoutOut's community and Nuffnang's Community might combine and held an event and made history for the HOTTEST & the LARGEST BLOGGERS' MEET ever in the world! Who knows?

Lastly, I really want to say thank you all the Shouters for making my day so high that I couldn't ask for more. And also for da MAN and LADY behind this ShoutOut! Cheers!

So you think you can SHOUT??

And if you wanna join ShoutOut community, all you have to do is click here to add a ShoutOut in your blog and shout "AYE!". You are now officially a Shouter! For more information about ShoutOut, please head over to

End of the post, I think some of you might don't know what this post about. Nevermind, is okey, this post is meant for Lasker, Elise and all the Shouters!

Chee Hsien

This is what I called...... PRICELESS!

No matter how pretty we are, how smart we are, everyone has something that don't want to show. So unlucky, I caught those priceless moment. I don't wanna talk so much here, I can't wait to post up the photo here. And again, sorry for slow loading.

Those photo below was taken during The Orient's Voice!

In case you don't know who is her, she is Elise, co-creator of ShoutOut.

OMG, look at Angeline. Well I know this is not funny but she will kill me.
I risk my life to show you this photo.

Christina so shy...

Look at Minny!! Look at Cedric too!!

FUUUYYOOHH!!! Take photo also so yeng!!!
This is SKILL!!

Cedric says, come FXXX me! Oooopppsss...

She didn't pose for it... So this candid shot look nice...

All in one... Semua kena.. including me.. Don't know who took this photo..

Argh.... the very priceless moment...

Look at Kenny's eye! Concentrate on the FOOD!

Ladies and Gentlemen........ I proudly present....... The very very very very priceless photo of all time!!!

Once in a life time only.....

The One and Only.....

I laugh my ass off and fell off the chair when I see this photo....

All of you must thank Angeline for this photo... If wasn't for her, you couldn't catch this very moment.....

So, Are you guys ready????!!!!!


Kenny please don't kill me.... Please....

Just to clarify, all of this is meant for jokes, meant to entertain all my readers. Didn't mean to harm anyone... I will remove photo if the "model" ask me to do so... So please don't angry...

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Food-eating competition?

After the interview, they had food-eating competition. I was wonder what will they eat? who will take part in it? Mana tau, they all push me in to join. I don't want to eat lar, I'm a bit full that time. Since so many blogger want me to take part, and also be sporting a bit, I join la... Cedric told me, that we're gonna eat ICE KACANG! OMG, when he took out 3 bowl of ICE KACANG, I was like, gosh, damn big wei!! I'm competing with Warren and Benjipapa. I'm not gonna win that.

We took our sit... everyone watching us... camera flashing... OMG... Kenny the judge, 5 minute times...

Started after awhile. I have no idea how I'm gonna eat it. The first bite was slowly bite then swallow. I don't know who shouting from beside or front or back, ask us don't bite, just swallow... just swallow... Then I heard people shouting my name, people support me... I was thinking, don't crazy lar, I'm not gonna win it...

Half way there..

Times up!!

And I won.... swt.

I can't believe that. I get the grand prize.

I was like, shit my face gonna be all over the blog tomorrow... please don't... Anyway, tired already... sign off soon... By the way, I forgot who send me all this photo or where I copy it. Thanks for the photo anyway.

Next up!! Camwhore and Candid shot... Muahahaha... Someone gonna kill me for posting the candid shot... Muahahahah...

Chee Hsien

Meeting Kennysia

During the nuffnang community gathering, The Orient's Voice. Kennysia was the attention. Wherever he walk passed, everyone will ask to take photo with Kennysia. Of course me too la..

Kennysia and Me!!

One of the activities was Cedric interviewed Kennysia. I sat just right in front of them :D

I can get better shot while interviewing. One of the funniest part is Daniel comes out and want Kenny's leg hair for charity. He doesn't want it, but later he did it.

Kenny's Sexy Leg

Nicole cutting Kenny's bulu..

Certified! :D

All from leg, arm, chest and eyebrown.

Kenny was friendly, he walk around and took picture with us. I learn something important from the interview. Wait for next post...... by today.

Chee Hsien

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stickers.... Stickers.... Stickers everywhere!

So this is the part 2 of The Orient's Voice I promised. The Shouters seem very excited for my post and keep asking me to blog about it. So here I am. After awhile, I forgot what time, every bloggers seem to have arrive. We were asked to fill in our blog URL and email.

Spot your URL?
This is just some of it. Go to to see all the list.

Beside that, we also need to write our URL on a sticker and stick it anywhere we like, you can stick it in your butt as well.

Standing from left : Sc_bone and Lance
Sitting from Left : Angeline and Lasker
They were trying to write down their URL.

We, the shouters, did something extra on it. We made our own sticker with our ShoutOut logo. Thanks to Lasker and Elise. Is a "HOME MADE" stickers okey? Kennysia came to our table and said is cute, he even asked for one.

This Angeline's style.

This is my style by stick it on my cap.

That's all for today. Next up, Meeting with Kennysia and some candid shot. Muahahaha

Chee Hsien

Meeting The Shouters during The Orient's Voice

Before I start, please be prepare for the slow loading. This is because of the photo we took yesterday! Me, myself already took about 349 photos. Still I get from the other bloggers. Please be patient for it. I'm sorry about that.

We, as all of the blogger, can't wait for this day to come. And, it finally reach, or was it passed. I'm very excited to meet those shouters and bloggers as well. Suki told me that he doesn't feel like going while we were BACK TO SECONDARY SCHOOL. I guess you didn't made the wrong choice.

Lasker, the DADDY of ShoutOut, want us to be there at 11.30am but I was late. I reach 11.45 I think. I see shouters there already, also Boss Stewie, Cedric of course! I can't believe that shouters was the early bird there. Muahahaha... Boss Stewie said that we're so UN-MALAYSIAN cause Malaysian will not be on time. Muahahahaha... Then we started to order our food cause Boss Stewie said later might got long queue so faster order.

So Erlynda was there, but she is not a shouter cause she didn't have a ShoutOut in her blog. She quickly turn on her laptop, goes online, then add a ShoutOut into her blog. And she is officially a Shouter!

Ignore Suki figuring out the Nuffnang Badge.

So we started to camwhore abit lar. Below are the photo of Shouters. I lazy to type already. Let the photo make your day! Muahahaha..

The SHOUTERS' table (photo from Blogwawasan)

That's Lasker and Me!

That's part of the shouter! I'm so cool :P (photo from Imin)

That's all for now. I need to for a hair-cut now. Come back tonight. I'll update tonight.

Chee Hsien

Thanks Yapkevin!

I just wanna say thank you to Yapkevin. He linked me in his blog under interesting section. I really appreciate that. I have no idea why my blog is interesting but I really wanna thank him. I cant believe I can hardly join Kennysia and smashpOp!


So you guys should check out his blog too. I like his blog as well. He has some nice food photo in it and the rest is for you to check it out! Click ->

P/S Attended The Orient's Voice just now and I enjoyed myself. I'll blog about it soon. I promise it as soon as possible. Btw, anyone has my photo? Can you guys add me in msn and send to me? my mail is

Thank You.
Chee Hsien

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mission Impossible!

Just to clarify something. On my previous entry, I said my External hard disk will keep my porn. Let me get this right, the word is just meant for jokes. Muahahaha. I didn't store it in my hard disk. What I've save is just my photo. I got tonnes of photo! You know lar, I like to take photo mah.

Another thing, what's wrong with boy watching porn? Eh, straight guy watch porn okay? Is normal! It is ABNORMAL if a guy don't watch porn! Muahahahah..

This coming Saturday, we have The Orient's Voice bloggers' meet! Can't wait for it cause I get to meet ShoutOut's shouters and fellow bloggers! Is must be cool! Ar, Kennysia is coming and other too, like hongkiat and etc lar.. But hor, I got many things to do before I attend this event. First, my lecturer canceled next next week's class and replace this sat! Oklor, never mind. Then I came to realize that my secondary school is having a Canteen Day this Saturday too! WTF! I wanna go all this! I can't skip class cause got something important to complete, but I wanna go to the secondary school to have a look cause is been sometimes I didn't went back there. I can't attend both cause one is in BUTTERWORTH, one is in TANJUNG BUNGAH! Walao eh! Is more that 30km between!

So so... Mission Impossible!! Anyway I still have one more day to think about it.. Sorry if I lack of update this few day. I'm broke, so I just stay at home, nothing happen to me at home, thats why nothing to update.

Anyway, I came to let you laugh with some jokes! Enjoy the joke below!

How to give a smart answer??

1) It was mealtime during a flight on Hooters Airline. "Would you like dinner?" the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. "What are my choices?" John asked. "Yes or no," she replied.

2) A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket not your stub."

3) A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any bigger?" The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead."

4) The cop got out of his car and the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. "I've been waiting for you all day," the cop said. The kid replied, "Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could." When the cop finally stopped laughing, he sent the kid on his way without a ticket.

5) A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. A sign comes up that reads, " Low Bridge Ahead." Before he knows it, the bridge is right ahead of him and he gets stuck under the bridge. Cars are backed up for miles. Finally, a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walks to the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, "Got stuck, huh?" The truck driver says, "No, I was delivering this bridge and ran out of gas."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My new Baby!

I felt like I'm in love....

I finally found my baby!!

She is so good to me...

She kept everything for me...

Everything which is...

My photo...

My music...

My video...

My document...

she even save my PORN!! muahahahahah...

see how nice she is!!

Let me introduce her...

Her name very long wan...

Lets just show her photo...


Hahahahahahahaha...... She is my new baby!! My dear 320GB IDE External Hard Disk which cost me RM350!! I bought her last Saturday with Dragon Head. We spend about 2 hours at 1-stop midlands to buy all the computer accessories. The total we spend was RM700 something nearly RM800 already.

Hey is 320GB! What the hell I'm gonna do with so BIG space?? Of course I'm gonna keep all my PORN!!! Muahahahahaha..... I know you will ask me why don't wanna wait for PC Fair? Cause DH said his porn can't wait any longer. So he bought his SATA, I bought my IDE.

RM350... gone... My wallet just cracked a hole there... I'm gonna eat maggie mee this whole week.. Thank god Orient's Voice giving free food the blogger's meet on the Saturday. Yesterday I ate Maggie Mee for lunch you know?? Pity me ar... Really no money already...

By the way, sponsor me some bak chang also can.. Muahahahah...

Chee Hsien

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Malaysian Blogospshere Political Saga ::: ShoutOut With Nationwide Coverage

Do you guys still remember I blog about ShoutOut with nationwide coverage? Don't know? Click here! I told you, you won't regret joining us to have so much fun. Now I would like to tell you one of the fun that we had last week. I just copy and paste cause I lazy to write. But you must promise to that you read. Is really funny... AND THIS IS ONLY FOR A JOKE!!! Don't come and tell me, you are busted! Enjoy!

**Copy From Project010**


Harus diingat bahawa Dialog yang ditayangkan hanyalah rekaan semata-mata dan tujuannya disiarkan hanyalah untuk hiburan pembaca dan tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup, separuh hidup atau yang telah tidak hidup dan juga tidak ada kena mengena dengan sebarang jantina dan tidak ada maksud politik, tiada agenda tertentu dan tidak ada kena-mengena dengan sesiapa; jika pun ada hanya kebetulan sahaja dan jangan ambil kisah

It all started with a dream to score A in moral, then the current national issues came in and it ended up with great laughter. Read on the sexist and unlaughable jokes the shoutout Shouters cracked during one faithful evening. Click on READ MORE below to READ MORE

Dragon Head
: mampus.... my dream to score A in moral is totally gone.. I am too good for moral

Lasker: Get A++ instead .. yahoo

Itchy: haha to score A in moral,u have to be a bad bad boy

Dragon Head: so sad.. i wanted to go for the Presidentail Award.. cos of moral i will be getting the toilet bowl award

aL:ironically.. ppl very bermoral usually dont score for moral wan.. those tak berapa bermoral wan leh... hmmm

Dragon Head: Muakakaka.....!!! aL is speaking the truth thru experience

CY: Am surprised stupid moral is still here after all this time... :S

Dragon Head: yea.. and it will still be here till .........................

CY: It's supposed to change name to PENDIDIKAN MEMORY

Dragon Head: I am gonna elect CY to be Menteri Pendidikan d!!! lets vote him!!!

CY: Yay! Then I can go to parliment and make sexy remarks

Dragon Head: yea cool... Muakkaa... Vote for Tan Sri Datuk CY!!!!

aL:yalar. cos i got an A in SPM ma. hahahahha!

aL:see how bermoral i am?!

Itchy: I'm voting for CY also

Dragon Head: aL.. u wanna be opposition ar?

aL:err ya can? rocket!

Dragon Head: rocket people take d la... y dun u take piggy? i draw for u

CY: Cannot cannot! The logo will be haram. Heck, even the name will be haram in parliment!

CY: CY: "Tuan Pengerusi, saya nak tanya soalan kat Presiden Babi, aL" aL: "Apasai you panggil saya Baby? Sexist!!"

CY: CY: "Bertenang, bertenang. Nanti bumbung bocor..." aL: "Apa bocor? Lu diskriminate sama gua!"

Dragon Head: have to ask Presiden Babi AL to read this.. Hahaha

CY: In the background: "Yang Berhormat, duduk Yang Berhormat... Yang Berhormat, sila duduk..."

CY: *Presiden Babi aL mula angkat kerusi dan tunjuk taring*

CY: = Siaran tergendala. Harap maaf =

CY: And now... a short message from our sponsors...

Dragon Head: di sebalik tabir, seorang blogger DH telah me-record-kan drama ini... dan telah menge-post-kan kat blog untuk mata dunia. Muakaka

CY: "By the stroke of midnight, the whole nation will awake and switch on their computers... NOW! With nationwide coverage... ShoutOut. By Lasker."

Dragon Head: hahaha good one CY... hahaha

CY: The following preview is approved for all audiences.

CY: "Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?..."

Dragon Head: **applause**

CY: THIS MAY, Pirates of the Curry Bean

Dragon Head: CY ur making me laugh out of my underpants u know

CY: Kita ikuti semula siaran langsung dari Parlimen...

CY: aL: "You sumua sexist! I'll sue you!" CY: "Apa dei? Wa cuma kata lu sexy la..."

CY: In the background: "Yang berhormat, duduk yang berhormat... Yang berhormat..."

Dragon Head: hahaha

sukidayo: elo~~~~~~

Dragon Head: this is politics in the blogosphere

CY: aL: "Lu misti apologize sama gua dan seluruh wanita sumua!" *baling kerusi*

CY: *kerusi kena YB Suki, yang tengah tidur*

Dragon Head: sound effect " E.. O... E...O" cambulan datang!!!

CY: In the background: "Must apologize must apologize..." "Yang berhormat, tolong duduk yang berhormat"

Dragon Head: YB Suki no respon??? sudah mati ke???

Chee Hsien: OMG, I have to............. HISTORY!

**Pause On Copy**

The story didn't end here... More interesting continue... Click here to read the rest of the stories.. I'm sure you won't regret after reading it.. You will laugh so laugh until you fall off your chair! I promise... What are you waiting for? Click ! Click ! CLICK HERE ! Click here to generate one shoutout! If you need help from adding the shoutout, go and leave a message in shoutout that you need help. All the shouters are nice and friendly. :D

Chee Hsien
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Today during Microeconomics Lecture

When you guy were in lecture hall attending lecture class, what were u guys doing? I know most of you sure sleep lar, play handphone lar, chat and others.. But me different :D

His class very boring lar!

Waw, so hardworking.

ish! why didn't put your book on the table? (=.=")

Huh? why Malay? I thought we were attending Micro which is in ENGLISH?

You know why ar? Because we forgot to do our homework. So we need to finish our karangan before the class start which is after this class. Muahahhaha... I don't know what should I write about the essay lar, no idea at all!

Kitar Semula!

What I've wrote??!!

Waw! All so hardworking! While me taking photo! :D

Then I stopped! Continue with my essay. Suddenly....... Prooft!

Tak ada electric!!!! Walao eh!!!!

The lecturer some more said, "like that ar, see you guy TOMORROW lar! 12.30pm DKB!" Walao eh! TOMORROW is Saturday leh! I don't wanna study tomorrow!

"So I see you tomorrow at 12.30pm.... WOOOOooooooOOOOooooOOOO!!!"

We don't care, just sat there and chat....

Continue study. But I end up with skipping the next class which will end at 6pm but I was here blogging at 5.33pm. Muahahahahaha....

Chee Hsien