Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CKG's Birthday

4 days after my birthday, came my friend's birthday party. He held a birthday party at his house a day earlier. His actual birthday is 6th of May. His house is in Sungai Petani which is about 30 minute drive from my house. It was fun that we can together again after we graduate 2 years from our secondary school. We had BBQ!

Eh? How come only got satay?

Is time for the birthday cake!

He is having a hard time to get the candle out of his birthday cake!

There was some excitement during this time, but due to some personal request and privacy, I'm not allow to post those photo here. So sorry! Here's the time for him to unwrap those present he received.

He seems happy with it.

Look what he get for his 20th birthday! Garfield! Muahahaha.. After a day, shouldn't less a group photo isn't it?

Is not all who attend lar, just some of it only. What a happy day!

Chee Hsien

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Mischique said...

The cake looks good! Man..I'm a huge cake fan..hehe