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The Orient's Voice

The Orient's Voice

Wow, nice banner isn't it? Okey, let's get this started. This is another blogger's meet which going to be held in Penang. It is organized by Cedric and Project010. It held on the 23rd of June 2007 at FoodLoft, Gurney Plaza. Don't tell me you don't know where is it okey? Gurney Plaza so famous! This event starts at 12noon and it they promised to have some very cool activities. One thing that you gonna like it which is FREE!!! You don't need to pay for anything, you just have to register here! Oh ya, you have to register! Is limited seat okey, 100 seat available. Fast before someone grab it before you do. Guess what? I already register at the very first minute the register form goes on! :P I think I'm the first to join. Hehehehe... NOTE : Registration close on 19th June 2007

Below are some FAQ copy from Cedric's site. Read on!
The organizers? Who?

Ok the organizers are not famous icons so you might not know us, Cedric Ang, who is me, myself and I is the notorious monkey with red underwear, very active and damn noisy. I should introduce my partner Project 010 in a more detailed way. I’m thankful to have my partner because if you look at the banner above, it’s his creation! And he even set up a site for y’all to register. Don’t you ever let his efforts go on wasted!!! Both of us worked like donkeys to think of the title, activities and search for sponsorship so that we can make sure the attendees do not go home feeling disappointed, therefore if you turn up, we really appreciate your kindness!

What do we have to do in the gathering?

Here we wanna take this opportunity to thank Foodloft for sponsoring the venue and the FOOD! All you have to do is to attend this gathering, have your lunch and try to take part in the activities. We’ve arranged activities, we have games, contests, chit-chat session, photography session.

Take part in these activities, are we given prizes?

Once you pop up, you will be given a door gift, on top of that, there is a little surprise for those who are brave to stand up and speak, won’t reveal the reasons but it’s something good. Well of course, if you win in a game, you will be rewarded. ;)

So… from 12noon, what time should we leave?

Those activities will be done in 3 hours, so after 3pm, you can choose to leave or stay, if you stay, we can have more activities so it’s all up to you. The organizers will stay to keep the rests companied. You make the decision!

What if I registered but I couldn’t turn up?

You won’t be killed for that but do inform the organizers beforehand, you can see our contact numbers. If you can’t make it then it’s definitely alright but certainly if you can turn up, like what we mentioned, we will appreciate that a lot!

What should we wear?

We do not want to restrict how you’re going to dress up, even if you wanna come with banana leaves only, that is alright! Mind you this is NOT a formal gathering so however you wanna dress up, we will welcome you.

Can I bring my friends? Let’s say he/she is not a blogger?

If this happens then kindly drop us an email and we will look into the matter, if you are a blogger, we will prioritize you and we will notify you to tell you if your friend can attend or not, but you should register first. :)

I blog in Arabic language? Can I attend?

Are you a blogger? If yes, then you’re absolutely welcomed!

Just say I'm lazy to write, so I just copy and paste. Read the banner again, if you have anything to ask, do call them on their cellphone or email or visit their web.

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