Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to open my door from inside??!!

Okey, I skipped my lecture and come home for the purpose of complete my IT assignment. I have the ideas in my mind when I'm driving home.

Well, my car is in "hospital", so I have to drive my dad's car for one week. His car is huge and my hostel's parking lot is so tiny! I can hardly park when there is car beside. I have to turn in out in out in out many times to get the position right! JUST NOW, I susah susah parked my car and this is the first time I parked my car so nicely and guess what? Got one niamah motorcycle park beside me and I CAN'T EVEN OPEN MY DOOR!!!!!

I have to climb to the passenger side to open the door! Unfortunately, I accidentally poured a bottle of water inside the seat and now the seat is all wet! Now, I'm so pissed off and I forgot all my ideas!

To whoever that did this all the times, please be aware you can make a different.

Chee Hsien

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Secret Recipes!

It has been a long long time I didn't blog about food right? So, I was hunting for food last night. I don't know where to have my dinner or what to eat for dinner. I even SMS friends to ask what they like to eat or any suggestion. Then I went for a walk in Gurney Plaza with my classmate. Then I don't know why we ended up in Secret Recipe. So here's the food we have.

Ice Blended Chocolate

Grilled Chicken

A must in Secret Receipe?

Tom Yum Kung

Chee Hsien

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I can be a teacher too! XD

The other day, my lecturer asked to complete our homework and pass up. So, I tried being a good boy and finished my homework late at night. So, I just simply copy the answer from the book and passed up! She didn't said must passed up with the correct answer, I just simply copy and I don't even know that whether my answer is related to the question or not?

I passed up and check check, then she said, "I'll return the paper but you must not take you own paper! Let your friends read what you guys have done." I was like what the fxxx?! Okey, I don't care. Then I took my friends paper. I look at my friend's paper and think of mine. I know I have the worst hand writing ever! Why can we get back our own paper?

She discuss the question one by one and she said "if you found your friend's answer got error, please help them to correct or copy the answer for them". Hahahahaha! The first thing I wrote on my friend's paper is this!

At least I told her where to look for the answer. :P

Then the next question has the longest answer. You know lah, I lazy ma :P

Really no place to write ma!

I become more lazy!

Came to the essay part. Everyone was like a teacher wannabe, copy for them but me??

Pai seh! Hahahahahaha!!!

I left a signature! xD

Chee Hsien

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Really sorry!

Really sorry guys...

Fellow bloggers, readers and friends.

I know you guys out there have been waiting for my update. I'm sorry! I promise I'll update tonight. Thank for waiting. You guys rock!!

Chee Hsien

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All In One Tag!

Hmmmmm... Cedric tagged me 8 random facts, and Criz tagged me 6 weird things about me. I know there are still other bloggers tagged me with some quite familiar meme. So I won't do one by one. I made it 10 things about me which is mixed with random, weird, and whatever you tagged me. Sorry wei, I still got one Cheesie's meme to be done lar. That one super hard wei. Kesian me please. :(

Okey don't waste time. I'm very tired now.

First, I'm a Labour Day boy! I was borned on 1st of May 1988. Sorry to my mother that she have to tahan all the pain to give birth to me when everyone else is having holiday for Labour Day! Now, everyone gets HOLIDAY when it is my birthday! Everyone means the WHOLE WORLD!

Second, I can always being emo anytime, anywhere. I don't know why, wherever I went, whatever I'm saw, it let me think a lot of things. It sometimes bring me back into memories I had and that makes me easily daydreaming.

Third, I don't know how to console people who is in emo but people can easily console me when I'm emo. When people sad, they came to me, I don't know how but some how, they smile when they leave. I spent my time listening to their problem, yeah I'm a good listener and I never leak anythings they said to me. I even make jokes with their problem and they wouldn't mind even they crying. So this means, I can only making jokes for you to laugh and smile, listening to your problem but will never solve your problem. Sometimes if you having the problem I had before, I can try to help up by telling you my experience. In the end, it is up to you for making the right decision.

Forth, Just to clarify, my mother passed away when I was 16. I won't mind if you guys asking my mother as I take it that you don't know she passed away. I accepted the fact the she left us behind and will never come back. I promise I will never be sad for what is over and just to be glad that she was once my mother.

Fifth, I love McDonald so much. You ask me why and I couldn't answer you. I just simply love it. I can had it twice a day and 7 days a week. I just won't bored with it. You ask Mr. Ronald Mcdonald why? Did he curse me?

Sixth, My father bought me a Proton Savvy for me after I get my car license. I take good care for the first few month. Now I just don't care. Is dirty inside and I really meant it! My dad wash for me but only wash the outside. It is like a rubbish inside! I wonder why I can bear with those rubbish? My car fetch my books or papers more than human. I got all my book at the back seat. This is because after I finish my class, I just dump it into my car. I never do revision until the last minute.

Seventh, I flirt with girls. Not every girls. I'm flirting with lots of girls. You can ask any girls! They will answer you yes! I don't know why? I'm horny? :D

Eighth, I'm quiet in nature. You see me quiet for the first time, maybe the second times too. If you ask my friend from my secondary school or my classmate in TARC, they will faint if you tell them that I'm quiet! If can be totally second person if I'm with people that I know for sometimes. Hang out with me more, I can be second Cedric :D Thats why I'm the noisiest in ShoutOut? Who knows?

Ninth, I'm obsessed with photography. I have a DSLR. I don't think I took great photo. I try my best to take every single thing around me. Some said I took great photo. I wanna say thank you. I don't have a camera now, my lens rosak! I'm not a professional photographer, I'm just at the beginning of level one stage.

Tenth, At last. Someone "forced" me to do this. I have no choice but to follow her order! Baby D!! SHE MADE ME DO THIS!! BABY D!!!!!!! Please forgive me...

I can't believe I did this!

There goes the tag. Sorry.

Chee Hsien

Friday, July 20, 2007

You name this!

Did I read that sign right?


In a Laundromat:


In a London department store:


In an office:


In an office:


Outside a secondhand shop:


Notice in health food shop window:


Spotted in a safari park:


Seen during a conference:


Notice in a farmer's field:


Message on a leaflet:


On a repair shop door:


Chee Hsien

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm so touched by Shouters

What happen if the sky gonna falls right on top of you? What is your first react? Let me tell you something, I just need to stand up and try to push the sky and the ShoutOut members a.k.a. Shouters will right behind me, supporting me until the sky finally goes back on top.

Shouters just simply amazing. They are priceless friends! Have a look at my previous post's comment. 13 out of 16 are from shouters. They showed that they care, showed their support, showed their love in many different ways. Whenever I need help, they could just standing beside me.

Just yesterday, Minny was awaken by some anonymous' SMS and said someone just passed away. Maybe that person just accidentally typed wrong number. She worried, told me about it and I send a message to that person. That person didn't reply and I started to worry too. I was in class and I can't make a phone call to check out. I SMS everyone instead. Shouters cool, they replied immediately except those who are still asleep that time, or didn't top up their phone. My phone almost exploded that time cause my phone can't support to receive so many message at one time. Some could just called up and helped me. It was like awaken all the bloggers from sleeping. They calling each other..... argh..... I don't know how to explain. Finally we found out that the person still alive and standing still! I might be a prank, but I tell you, whoever came with this jokes, THIS AIN'T FUNNY OKEY??!! I don't know wasted how many bucks for those SMSes.

If it was a prank, it was a good prank. This prank showed that we care for each other. They are simply amazing.

They are cool! They rocks! I don't mind waste another few bucks to make a dedication for them. The other night, I made a dedication in 8TV Jukebox!

Oh ya, I forgot one :D

And this! Muahahahah..

Photo taken by Adelene.

P/S My DSLR lens just burned out after The Orient's Voice. So I don't have much photo for some post this few weeks. I try to get a new lens as soon as possible. Sorry.

Chee Hsien

Sunday, July 15, 2007


My one and only brother,

I know you read my blog sometimes and sometimes not. But If you happen to read this, which I really really hope you read. I don't know how to start. I know we don't talk much. Somehow I just wanna let you know, I really need you! I don't talk much, I have be brave now, I need to talk with you, I won't let this family get destroyed by my shyness. I'm brave enough now to tell you that


I beg you, can you please just come home every weekend and talk to grandma and daddy? If Brenda or Jolene or whoever close to my bro happen to read this, can you help me? I really can't bear it anymore! I don't know what to do! Once I come home, she sat in her room, he gone out, sometimes sleeping in room and I just sitting in living room and I got nothing to do! I'm all alone! Nobody accompany me beside those Shouters and some Bloggers. Thanks god that I have this bunch of Shouters to cheer me up and support me all the time. They made me feel love. If wasn't for them. I would really drive my car go out and crash with a container, lorry, bus or whatsoever that can makes me lie in hospital! She scolded him, she cries, he get scolded and don't know what did he did wrong, he cries. She complain to me, he scolded me! WHAT THE HELL did I done wrong? I just sitting here blogging or shouting whole day and I never speaks a words! Being quiet still get scolded, I speak up just now and I still get scolded! WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO??!! I really can't bear it anymore! My mind gonna explode soon! Somehow I wish that I can be like you and stay in your hostel and come back once a month or maybe more! I know you need to study, BUT I NEED TO STUDY TOO!! Why is nobody cares about me??!! I already good enough that I didn't leak anything that I was not suppose to say. Arrgghhh... Is this a test from god? Why god choose me to be in this? I don't wanna get involve! I just want a simple and happy family! Even if we're poor, as long as we're happy! Now you got money but you have the worst family. What's the fun part now? I really need bro to be in this home all the times and listen to grandma what she said. I can't receive anymore!


I got test, my exam coming soon, I got assignment, I got NO TIME! Dad is extremely good enough, he gave us everything, just he want us to ask from him. Grandma is the one that making this worst! She is asking too much! I just hope you come back helping to get this thing right! I can't do anything, you're the only one I can hope.

I don't know..... I just need you to be in this home. I don't know what I can do, or what should I do? Or should I just call someone to kill me! WHO CAN I CALL FOR HELP??!! WHO WILLING TO HELP ME??!! WHEN WILL THIS COMES TO AN END??!!

Chee Hsien

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Schmooze Award

Pool updates, stay back!
Meme/tag, step aside!

Something more important!

I'm really surprise that Kev awarded me this. I have the power of Schmooze. I'm not sure what is it about but I wanna thank him. Thank you!

According to his blog, Schmoozing is "the natural ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection. Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.

I still don't understand at all. Muahahah... Jessica explained that is like you're easygoing person. (Thanks for the explain Jessica) Am I deserve it? :D Kev award me because he said, Hsien is from Penang, and is extremely active in Penang's blogger community, engaging himself in all sorts of fun, and an addict to his Penang Shout-outs!

Am I really active? I didn't notice at all. Muahahaha.. Thank you Kev!

So now, I have to pass this award to few bloggers.

First blogger I wanna award is Dragon Head of Project 010. This guy I met him when my first semester in college. He is extremely friendly. He is very helpful. Err... He teach me a lot of things, and he is the first person I met in the blogosphere. I started to hop around in this blogosphere through his personal web last time. Then I slowly stepped into.... until today I am! I can say that he is the one that bring me into this blogger life. Last time, the way I blog was totally horrible. You can check out my first month's post one year ago. That time, I admire the way he blog, then I tried to be better. So now I am way much better than before. He help me a lot really, and I sometimes helped him too. I help him, he help me. There goes our friendship stronger. Muahahaha... Do check out the web he created. Is so cool, if only I can do like him. www.project010.net

I guess he is the only one I can award. Really wanna say a big thank you to him!

Chee Hsien

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

12 Layer of me!

I was tagged by Xyann. Sorry for the superb late.

Layer One : On The Outside
Name -- Chee Hsien
Date of Birth -- 1st May 1988
Current Status -- Single and AVAILABLE :P
Eye Colour -- Black?
Hair Colour -- Black! :D
Righty or Lefty -- Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage -- Chinese - Hokkien
Your Fears -- NO SHOUTOUT!!!!
Your Weakness -- I can't live without ShoutOut
Your Perfect Pizza -- That one that cooked :P

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up -- Where is my cell phone?
Your Bedtime -- Not sure wan la, but for sure is after midnight :P
Your Most Missed Memory -- Secondary school!

Layer Four : Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke -- Both!
McDonald's or Burger King -- Aiks... Need to ask? :D
Single or Group Dates -- Group! Shouters when wanna hang out?
Adidas or Nike -- Fila can? :D
Tea or Nestea -- Milo!
Chocolate or Vanilla -- Mix!! :P
Cappucino or Coffee -- Ermm.. Plain water can? :D

Layer Five : Do You...
Smoke -- NEVER!!! AND WON'T!!
Curse -- Curse the mother who killed her daughter!!!
Take a shower -- Who doesn't??
Think you've been in love -- Holy crap!!
Go to school -- College is a school?
Want to get married -- Play first... Muahahaha..
Believe in yourself -- Sometimes...
Think you're a health freak -- Hahahahaha..

Layer Six - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol -- Errr... Last week?
Eaten sushi -- Of course la!
Dyed your hair -- Nope.

Layer Seven : Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game -- Who wanna join me? Muahahaha
Changed Who You Were To Fit In -- I like who I am now!!

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married -- Why got a question like that wan? Depends la.. :D

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour -- Colour like me.
Hair Colour -- Same as mine!
Short hair or Long Hair - Same as mine for guys! Muahahahah... I'm the best! Bleuk..

Layer Ten : What Were You
Doing1 min ago -- Shouting in ShoutOut!
1 Hour ago -- Searching for my car key!!
4.5 Hours ago -- Sleeping :P
1 month ago -- Studying in class
1 year ago --Same as above!

Layer Eleven : Finish the sentence
I love -- ShoutOut and myself!
I feel -- like dying when ShoutOut is down!
I hate -- ShoutOut is not up to shout!
I hide -- my sadness
I miss -- Shouters!!!!
I need -- to SHOUT!! Muahahahahaah everything about ShoutOut!!

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People

1. Every reader of my blog!
2. Anyone
3. I just lazy to tag people.
4. You can do it as u like
5. Enough already??

Chee Hsien

Monday, July 09, 2007

Shouters a.k.a. Bloggers went for POOL!

Last Saturday, 07,07,07, shouters went to Queensbay for dinner. Don't ask me why we end up there? Don't ask me what the meet for? You can read through Cedric's blog.

Cut the story, we found that no place in Queensbay we can hang out, so we decided head over to Gurney Plaza! Then, the only reason we went Gurney Plaza was to play POOL!


As usual, lots of fun, lots of crap, lots of laughter wherever we go.

This is ChefKHuen. Professional Pose


This is our SIFU, aL, she teach us DOTTED LINE!! hahaha

Minny's SEXY POSE!!

Benjipapa's doggie pose? :D

Stay tuned for the ups and downs happening when POOL-ing!

Chee Hsien

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good Bye Angeline!

There she goes. She has went back to KL after her holiday ends. Of course! Shouters will do something before she go back. So we have Angeline's Farewell. :D

We set on 4th of July if I'm not wrong. My class suppose to end at 8pm and they met at 7.3opm. That day I some more got test, so I finish half of my test then drive to Gurney Plaza to meet them at 7.10pm. What bloggers do first? CAMWHORE!!

The first group photo of the day.

Notice something from the photo above? Most of us wore red.

The red shouters!

Okey lar, I will cut some story. We guys catch the story through here, here, here, and..... others la. I forgot who blog about it already.

We suppose to go New Zealand Seafood to have dinner but Angeline took us go Holan!! So we end up at Kim Gary. As usual la, shouters always the loudest no matter where we go.

So we talk talk talk... laugh laugh laugh... LICK LICK LICK...

Cedric with his bloody joke all the times!

We laugh until all the shop closed, then we didn't go home la. Of course CAMWHORE! :D

Another group photo.

Sorry these few days I was lazy for blog hopping. Sorry if I didn't visit your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I very appreciate that. I'm not in the mood for blogging these days, you can see my entry quite short. Need to sign off now! Keep visiting my blog :P Cheers!

Chee Hsien

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Day Without ShoutOut!

The first thing I do every morning is come to my blog and look at the ShoutOut! I think I got addicted. Have you ever tried, waking up with ur "ahemss" is gone??!! What do you do next when you found out ur "ahemss" no longer sticking in your body??

Today ShoutOut was gone! My first reaction was, OMG!!! WHAT CAN I DO NOW??!! I quickly message some of the shouters in my MSN. "NO SHOUTOUT CAN DIE WEI!!! :D" Is really bored like hell!

I can prove! Everyone is addicted! ShoutOut just created a drug addict or so called Virus :D

We just can't wait for ShoutOut to be up again! We have our own version of ShoutOut Back Up a.k.a ShoutOut Version 2.0. Muahahahaha.. COPYRIGHT!!!!

Not only I got addicted okey? Everyone does!

Benji too!!

Thank god ShoutOut is back now!! I was really really bored whole day. I was messaging with Adelene and I fall asleep while replying her message. SHOUTOUT DRUG! NO CURE! ONCE YOU STARTED IS NO TURNING BACK!

Chee Hsien

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Poor TARC!

Why is this happen again? Do you believe it? I can't believe it! This is the second times the lecture hall goes BLACK!!!!! And is this same subject. The first thing I was thinking, is this lecture hall doesn't like the subject. Even the electric felt it was bored and decided to goes off! MICROECONOMICS, YOU'RE BORED!!

So what to do? We still have to complete our homework in this dark hall. Kesian kesian. Lucky nowadays, the camera so useful. How do we use it?

Like this!


After a while, Mr Electric pity us for having this kind of situation. So the Mr Electric comes back to accompany us. I just don't know why. Every time I attend this class, I felt very sleepy. I can't concentrate! What can I do?

My friend's book is FULL of notes...

While mine book is.....

FULL OF???? EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just don't understand. I look at the presentation of my lecturer and I just...... aiks!! What to do??!!!



What to do?? After class, gather some classmate, head over to Sunrise Mcdonalds!!! Muahahahahah

Chee Hsien

7 random things about me.

I got tagged by Kev long long ago, then Ree Nee tagged me on the same topic. Ree Nee tagged Gillian too, but Gillian tagged me with the same topic again. So three people tagged me on the same topic.

Okey, sorry Xyann. First come first serve. Hehehehe.. Will finish your tag soon. Sorry.

Okey, here it goes. 7 random things about me.

  1. I ADDICTED to ShoutOut and I sitting in front of my laptop day and night. When I come back from college, I just sat there and shouts! Since I'm so addicted, Gillian tagged me. swt..
  2. I'm quiet and shy in reality actually. I know you all wont believe that!
  3. I am a happy go lucky person. You can see I always smile and laughing on the outlook. That's why Ree Nee tagged me..
  5. I study accounting and I don't think I like accounts at all!!
  6. They say I'm funny and nice but I don't think I'm funny.....
  7. I'm weird because I can only thing of 6 randoms thing about me. This is random too :P
Okey.. Finish one tag!

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The prize..... and ShoutOut!!!!

Yay! I finally got the photo from my cousin!!

This is the prizesss I get during The Orient's Voice.

Remember the ShoutOut sticker I get when I was at The Orient's Voice?? I can't stick on my cap forever right?? So where I sticked it??

I sticked there because whenever I switched on my laptop, I will remember ShoutOut and the Shouters!!

Okey, a very short update for today :D

P/S I was with some Shouters at Kim Gary just now for the farewell of Angeline. I was lots of fun! I will blog about it soon. Just can't stop laughing.

Chee Hsien

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A suprise for Baby D

So after we finish the camwhore. We decide somewhere to go. We all went separate. Lasker, Elise, Cedric, Erlynda, Suki and me went for something special. We went to GAMA! A very old supermarket. I think is hypermarket more than a supermarket. It is very old. I haven't been there for many many years as I can't remember.

So, Baby D is a shouter from ShoutOut. She had to work at GAMA thats why she couldn't attend The Orient's Voice. Okey, I know I crap a lots. When we reach there, we faster go search for twisties section. hahahah. We don't know which is her cause we never met her before but she was the only girl that wearing a twisties shirt. She had the sad and boring face. I think she was shocked cause so many people suddenly pointing at her then approach her. After Lasker told her, she turned to a happy and not boring face. Hahaha..

"Twisties twisties... anyone want??"

She ar... Likes to camwhore...

Hey, you know you're working?

I been forced to buy a pack of twisties.

Lasker bought one, Elise bought one, Elynda bought one, Cedric bought 2, Suki bought 4 and I bought one. Total kena forced buy 10 pack. Hahaha..

We so good, accompany her have dinner buy she show me this face.

Actually she was trying to pose for me la. hahhahaha

She love the phone and promise won't flush it again. Ooooppss...

Candid Shot?? :D

I'm talking a lots of crap these few days. I haven't have the photo of my prize I get that day. It still in my cousin's camera because my EOS 300D was BURNED BY BABY D's HOTNESS!! So sad okey?? My lens rosak already. I need to buy a new lens. Who gonna sponsor me?

Chee Hsien