Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lunch with the prankster

After the prank, Shaz was speechless and still can't believe that he actually fall into it. I should award Dragon Head the Best Blogger Actor! It need a very good acting skill to made Shaz fall into it you know? Kudos to Dragon Head! Ooooiiii!! Clap hand lah! *applause*

Then we had some difficult decision to made. Where to eat?? From Pastasia to Seoul Garden, then we end up at Fish & Co. Nicholas came while we were on our way to Fish & Co. Ordered some food and follow by some intro section.

One bite n' you're hooked

Chit chat and laughing is not the only thing we did! As a blogger, what must we do? Don't know? Take PHOTO lah!!

Shaz with his camera

As BLOGGERS, we have something in common! We bring our camera everywhere we go! xD

The Bloggers' Weapon!

After our lunch, the famous monkey that wearing red undies came. Will blog about it tomorrow. Next post Cedric met someone that wear the SAME underwear with him? Cedric got shot by Shaz? Wanna know the real story? Check out tomorrow :P

Chee Hsien

4 burger(s):

cHrIstInA_YY said...

zzz... never ask me 2 join >.<"

- PC - said...

din tel me!!!!!

Chee Hsien said...

Christina : i thought u wanna do assignment.

PC : aL said u all whole day fully booked!

Sorry lo.... next time... okie??

Anston said...

haha... i like the last photo, all bloggers "action"! Someday i oso wanna trap my others friends :P