Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spending the day with Shaz

I have to combine two entry into one. I can't believe that I actually slept at 11pm last night! This is the earliest time I sleep since...... whatever!

Back to the topic. After we had our lunch at Fish & Co. Cedric bump into us. He joined us after this. Dragon Head and Cedric really sit on the floor in front of PDI when we discussing where to go. OMG! We went for some Arcade later. Dragon Head was very tired or sleepy, so he go home first.

Anyway, there was some KIDS like 13/14 years old boy, dancing there! Cedric seem very not syok them and we were watching them dancing and discuss, why they can't go studio or club or somewhere to dance? Why must they choose SHOPPING MALL? I think their parent kick them out of the house and they got no place to go and no money, thats why they choose shopping mall. Suddenly, Cedric said, OMG! Look at his undies! *Cedric show me his* Is the same! Muahahahha!

I cepat cepat tangkap gambar orang itu. *look at his undies* Meanwhile, Shaz and Koolz were playing some shooting game. Shaz "die" afterward. Cedric do try some shooting games too. Unfortunately, he "die" in just a minute even though it has 3 chance to reincarnation. Muahhahaa... Shaz looks like a BIG KIDS! He is not an adult!

This two guys keep playing with the fake gun.

Shaz tak boleh jadi adult!

I should have finish it here but I need to combine two post into one, so continue! Shaz want makan AGAIN! So we want to go Chilis but belum buka! Only for invited customer cause "training in progress"! We went for DOME! Thanks Shaz for the treat! We had this tea I forgot the name. :(

I think is Caramel Tea. Whatever!

And this wedges too.

Cedric entertain us with his bloody joke. Then we went for shopping. Cedric's mom called and the monkey dah cabut lari! Then we went to Gurney Drive food court. (eat again??!!)

I see pretty girls! :P

Shaz treat us again! Thanks for the soya bean! Bla bla bla...... *chatting in progress* Is about time for to to sleep. We went back. I dropped Shaz and Koolz at Northam Hotel. I don't know what they do lah. :P One last photo I took before I leave Gurney Drive. Is not a best shot.

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lunch with the prankster

After the prank, Shaz was speechless and still can't believe that he actually fall into it. I should award Dragon Head the Best Blogger Actor! It need a very good acting skill to made Shaz fall into it you know? Kudos to Dragon Head! Ooooiiii!! Clap hand lah! *applause*

Then we had some difficult decision to made. Where to eat?? From Pastasia to Seoul Garden, then we end up at Fish & Co. Nicholas came while we were on our way to Fish & Co. Ordered some food and follow by some intro section.

One bite n' you're hooked

Chit chat and laughing is not the only thing we did! As a blogger, what must we do? Don't know? Take PHOTO lah!!

Shaz with his camera

As BLOGGERS, we have something in common! We bring our camera everywhere we go! xD

The Bloggers' Weapon!

After our lunch, the famous monkey that wearing red undies came. Will blog about it tomorrow. Next post Cedric met someone that wear the SAME underwear with him? Cedric got shot by Shaz? Wanna know the real story? Check out tomorrow :P

Chee Hsien

Monday, May 28, 2007

The huge prank by Penang Bloggers!

Most of you guys already heard about the prank that me and some bloggers planned right? Why we wanna prank that guy? Okey, this is why. This guys is very famous among bloggers. He is famous because he prank call people a lots. Listen carefully, is prank CALL! Which mean he usually call people in random with phone. I was pranked by him for 2 or 3 times already. I actually wrote a first prank call in this blog few weeks ago right? Here's the link. This guys name Shaz!

He told me last week that he will be coming to Penang and would like to meet up some Penang Bloggers here. Then I called up some bloggers and we decided to meet at Gurney cause is easier for Shaz to drop by there. The actual plan wasn't like the one we pranked. He want me to call some bloggers and made a surprise appearance. But we end up totally terbalik that day. Lolx.

I didn't keep the secret as Shaz is coming. I spread the news to the Penang Bloggers(naughty me)! Then one of the bloggers came up the idea to prank him since he pranked a lots of people. He is a big prankster. So last Saturday, I met those blogger that show up an hour before the time we suppose to meet Shaz. But one thing, Shaz was there earlier than we! Lucky we didn't bump into him! Koolz was the first arrive and by the time he arrive I just started my journey from my house which is in mainland! Sorry for made you waiting! I thought I was the last to reach, but Minny and Erlynda is the last! We waited for about 20 minutes for them to show up(=.=")! One funny thing, the first word Minny said to me was "Which one is Chee Hsien?". She said she can't recognize me. Jialat lah wei! Nvm cause this is the first time I meet you all. Dragon Head came later and fast goes with our plan. All of it was a last minute! We went to many shop to ask can help or not, from hp shop to toy shop then to hair saloon! All of them turn us down! Some of them don't even know WHAT THE HELL IS BLOGGERS!!!!!!

I cut the story short cause I seems like not going to end it. Anyway, we got separate, Minny went to meet Shaz first, then Koolz and Erlynda follow later. Left me, Suki and Dragon Head. Three of us finally found one that love to help. Dragon Head came up with one-man show! Suki and I went to join the rest. We talked a while, Dragon Head called me and tell me where the prank took place. I ask all of them to go up to GSC Cinema cause Dragon Head will wait for us some where on the way there :P This is how it happen, Dragon Head will become a promoter who tried to sell Sony Ericsson mobile phone. He tried to get Shaz to hold the dummy phone and drop it, but he rejected. Then Erlynda came to help and drop the dummy phone. Then "promoter" get nervous and scared to kena fired! Erlynda apologies and "promoter" want her to said it to his manager. Somehow, Shaz finally get involved!

The plan is going smooth!

*cut the long story* Then all of us follow the "promoter" to the shop. The boss is cool enough to play along with us! I didn't expect it! That was just so cool! Then finally he revive his identity! And Shaz was told that it was just a prank! Shaz first word was FAARK!! YOU BIATCH!! and his face was so red! All of us laughing and clap hand there. Muahahhaha... The prankster got pranked by Penang Bloggers!! Shaz said this is the first time! The first time he falls into a PRANK! Muahahahhah....

Of course la, sure have group photo wan. We took photo with the boss.

PS : Some photo stolen from Erlynda's blog. If you wanna know more detailed story, do visit Erlynda's blog or here and here. Next update, Penang Bloggers with Shaz for lunch.

Chee Hsien

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The bright side and the dark side!

I went to seaside with friends just now. The very nice part of the beach is the wind. The wind felt so great. I'm feeling like flying when you raise both of your hand. Just like the scene in Titanic! Refreshing air.

Other than that, you can see the love that other were having. You can see couples dating, family outing! See those little kids playing with the water, they playing like no worries!

At beach you really can see all kind of love! Any love that available in the world. That is the beauty of beach!

Anything just happen when I walk around the beach. You wouldn't believe it until you see it in front of your eye! This is very sad!

All those dead fish! Just lying there helplessly! Anything that we can do?

Rubbish is every where! And there was a kids fishing there. I wanted to tell him that all the fishes are dead! but I didn't.

What the heck lar wei! Can't "upgrade" our beach meh? By the way, I had some so-called model shot. Muahahhaa...

"Look! Is a plane! No, is a BIRD! Nonono, is my hubby come back with his cruise!" Is just a boat lar wei!!!

Chee Hsien

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Chee Hsien

Friday, May 25, 2007

Look at our sea!

Oh my god! Do you guys out there know what happen to our sea? You can't guess it? Here's some picture from my friend! I got shock when I see this.

Look at this!!! This is disgusting!!! Bloody hell!!! Here's another close up photo.

Sea suppose to be in blue colour but why is this RED???

My friend say according some chinese news paper which I don't read says, it had been polluted. Too dirty and then change colour. I'm speechless! Can anyone do something about it? Why can the sea be like this?

Or this? This one good also!

Ar... this!

But... look at that in PENANG!!! Thats what we called MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Chee Hsien

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Penang blogger's BBQ Party?

Alright! Attention everyone, every readers. and friends of mine. Dragon Head is actually planning a BBQ for Penang Bloggers. Since the bloggers meet held during the Chinese New Year, don't have much activities right? So, here came a macho man who called himself as Dragon Head came to the rescue and plan a BBQ!

Date : 26 May 2007 1st June
Time : Night!
Venue : Crown Prince Beach
Payment : Not sure Yet.
Things to bring : CASH and CLOTHS! Might throw you into the SEA :P

Well, Penang Bloggers' BBQ doesn't meant for bloggers only, which is also invite some friend that doesn't blog also. As long as you can be as funky as a monkey, you can come. One thing for sure, I didn't have the MONEY to belanja! So, Dragon Head will belanja you all plus one cocktail, plus fresh steak, plus apartment stay

The plannerORGANIZER is Dragon Head! I just help him out.

So who is up for this activity? Please leave your name and blog address at the comment. If there's below 10 person, this activity is cancel. So be fast! I never meant to had it BIG party okey..

Attendance(muahhahaha) :

  1. Dragon Head
  2. Chee Hsien
  3. Lasker
  4. Elise
  5. Sukidayo
  6. Alfred Koh - Non blogger
  7. Khuen

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cikgu gatal sangat!

First come first serve basic! Itchy tag me first, so I finish his tag first! :P

How much have YOU changed in the last 10 years ?
Tagged by Cikgu Gatal!

April 1 1997
1) How old were you?
One month before 9

2) Where did you go to school?
SRJK(c) Chung Hwa 1

3) Where did you work?
Too small to work!

4) Where did you live?
Too small to know where I live!

5) Where did you hang out?
Too small to hang out!

6) Did you wear glasses?
Too small to wear glasses!

7) Who was your best friend?
Too small to know who is my best friend!

8) How many tattoos did you have?
Too small to have a tattoo!

9) How many piercings did you have?
Too small to have piercings!

10) What car did you drive?
Too small to drive a car!

11) Had you been to a real party?
Too small to go for party!

12) Had your heart broken?
Too small to had heart broken!

***Guess I'm really small boys lar!!

April 1 2002
1) How old were you?
One month before 14

2) Where did you go to school?
SMK Kampong Kastam

3) Where did you work?
Too young to work!

4) Where did you live?
Too young to know where I live! :P

5) Where did you hang out?
Too young to hang out! Hahahaha!!

7) Who was your best friend?
Too young to have best friend! Hahahaha!!

8) Who was your regular-person crush?
Too young to have a crush! Muaaahahahhaha!!

9) How many tattoos did you have?
Too young to have tattoo!

10) How many piercing did you have?
Too young to have piercing!!

11) What car did you drive?
Too young to drive a car!! Getting fun answer this survey!

12) Had you had your heart broken?
TOO YOUNG TO EXPERIENCE IT!!! Muuakakkakakak!!

April 1 2007
1) How old are you?
17 plus 365 days plus 11 month!

2) Where do you work?

3) Where do you live?

4) Do you wear glasses?

5) Where do you hang out?
Read all my post then you will know! Hahahaha!!

6) Who is your best friend?
This bunch of B-Town-Clan! I would have to say the greatest friend!

7) Do you talk to your old friends?
OLD means primary school friends? or Secondary school friends?

8) How many piercing do you have?
tak ade la!

9) How many tattoos?
If i had one, I probably will not sitting here, answering this tag!

11) What kind of car do you drive?

12)Who you wanna tagged now?
Sesiapa yang tak tau malu boleh copy and paste at ur blog and says "I been tagged by The mighty Chee Hsien"

One more meme left which is Rabbit's 7 stuff... huuahhh... that one damn long wan leh!! No worries!! Chee Hsien can make it!

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Have anyone of you ever heard about the word "oOmph"? Do you know that a web called oOmph as well? Well, you should check it out @

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Not only for Penangites. If you're staying some where out of Penang and planning to have a vacation in Penang and then the big problem pops out! "Where the hell should I stay in Penang??" No worries, oOmph is always there for you. They have a list of hotel that is 5 star I guess. Hahahahaha... Check it here!

Now, you found the hotel you wanted. Ready for a spa? Hell yea! As I'm a Penangite, I don't know that there is a Spa near my hostel at Tanjung Bungah! Not till I check it here. Oh yeah, oOmph is going on for whole Malaysia as well.

All the above could took you time the whole morning and afternoon and evening too. So what the hell you wanna do at night? What's on teenager's mind? I tell you, is ENTERTAINMENT! Penang Entertainment! So now you will where to go to have the greatest CLUB in town like GLO in Upper Penang Road!

You won't attracted by the word I type here. But you change you're mind when you visit the page.

For bloggers, you definitely like the word "FREE" right? Well, for bloggers, oOmph is giving away prizes this week to bloggers. Tickets to “The Carnivall – Water & Land Of Excitement” and free buffets at Cititel Penang are up for grabs! So hurry up, it’s a first come first served basis!!! All you have to do is just review oOmph in you blog just like you did with PayPerPost. Check out the rules and regulations @

So what are you waiting for? Come get some!!

Chee Hsien

Monday, May 21, 2007

A gift for Caldin's Birthday

Hahahahaha... The first comment of my previous post already guessed right. I'm going to AutoCity again. One thing I need to say is, we're not rich okey? So, we just went to McD at AutoCity. Hehehehehe... I guess some of you might thought of nice food in this entry. But you're wrong. Hahahahaha...

I'm really out of budget! I need to save money to buy my own domain. Just wait "" is coming soon. Just wait, someday, one day... I don't have much cash in hand so just order this. Didn't go for burger.

You know how much is it? We make it all in one and guess what?

You can see how tall is it. Thats more than enough for few person. No regret! Lots of pretty girls there. Woooohoooo... Bloody hell, we can't finish the fried at the end. We got nothing to do and I this suddenly pop up in my mind.

Caldin seem very happy with this idea and she snapping photo non-stop. Those worker and customer that walk pass out table were all laughing. I don't know why lar, funny meh? I think that's very creative :P

So many funny stuff happen and I just lazy to post all those photo. When it came to the time to....

P/S -> I still owe Itchy the meme of 10 years ago and Rabbit the meme of seven stuff. Don't worry, I will do it as soon as possible okey? Hehehe.. And I wanna say thank you for those who really care about me and concern me in the post about my mummy. Really thank you, I never thought that you all really took your golden time to read about it. And thank friend for replying my SMS when I'm down even though it is 5am in the morning, you know who you are. Sorry for waking you up so early. Buy you a ice-cream? Really thanks very much. So touch.

Chee Hsien

Sunday, May 20, 2007

KLG @ Butterworth

So, rewind back the time to 17th of May which is Caldin's birthday.

We went to a place called KLG. The place ar...... Very quite lar.....

Normally, when you go to KFC or McD at dinner time, sure got long queue one right? But how KLG no queue?

The worker there "makan ular". Not even one worker ready to serve.

Okla, one good thing is there got a playground for KIDS!

One thing you gotta hate, there have fliessssssssssssss!!!

Actually wasn't that bad lah. There only 2 or 3 flies flying around my table only. So damn lucky I caught them in action everywhere they went. That place is not the best choice to hang out like McD, so my friend finish the chicken and other stuff-that-can-eat then we cabut already. We going to other place.

Which part of expressway you will see this sign? If you found out you will definitely know where am I going. So where am I going? Check it out next post :P

Chee Hsien

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Do you guys ever received a prank call? Well I just got one just now. Well the conversation is not exactly the same la cause I don't really remember la.. Lolx..

About 4pm like that, I received a SMS from Shaz and asking what I'm up to. I told him I'm out looking for some food. A few minutes later... *When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing......*(Ringtone sings and an unknown number pop ups)

Me : Hello
Anonymous : Hey!
Me : Hello?
Anonymous : Hey, come go Queensbay Mall now. (I was thinking who the hell is this?)
Me : Now ar? Cannot lar. At night can la. Where are you now? (Is this Shaz?)
Anonymous : I'm in Gurney Plaza. You know who am I or not?
Me : Is this Shaz ar?
Anonymous : er... no. I'm Ryan lah.
Me : Ryan? Which Ryan?
Anonymous -> Ryan : Ryan lah, from your college.
Me : Which Ryan lar? I knew 3 or 4 Ryan.
Ryan : Aiyak.. Ryan la..
Me : Ryan? From my college? (Hitz.FM Gotcha Calls???!!!!)
Ryan : Ya.
Me : Full name please?
Ryan : Why? Why are you asking so much?
Me : er... What course you're taking?
Ryan : Same as you lar...
Me : Har??!!
Ryan : Aiyo.. Ryan from your class lah..
Me : Ryan from my class?? My class got Ryan one meh? (My class only got 5 boys, Alfred, Allan, Steven, Chia Pin and me. Where the hell did Ryan came from?)
Ryan : What are you doing?
Me : I'm going out now lah.
Ryan : I know, you looking for food right? (=.=")
Me : Hahahahaha....
Ryan -> Shaz : Hey, this is Shaz la.
Me : Hahahahaha.... (Can't stop laughing)
Shaz : I'm using my cousin's number la...

*Shaz use back his phone to call me*

*Bla bla bla... About 4 minutes later...*

Shaz : Anyway, just wanna say "Hi!"
Me : Hahahaha... Okey... hahaha... Hi to you too... hahahaha....

How could you do this to me??!! By the way la, you made me laugh. Muahahahaha... Everytime I listen to Hitz.FM Gotcha, I was like APALAH, like that also dunno meh... But you nearly got me just now :P

Those who don't know who is Shaz, you can go to hell, he is so famous and you telling me that you don't know him?check out his blog.

Chee Hsien

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Letter to Dearest Mummy

Dear mummy,

How I wish you were here reading this very little blog I have. How I wish you were here sitting beside me when I was blogging. People celebrate Mother's Day few days ago. I read some of my friend's blog about Mother's Day. How I wish I could write one for you. They wrote how much they appreciate their mother, how good is their mother, how lovely mother they have. They have their own mother accompany them when they were sad. They have a mother to scream at. Why in the hell I can't do this? Why is god treat me like this when I need you the most? Where were you?

I remember the way you teach me how to tie my shoe string. I remember the day you standing outside my classroom chatting with other mummy on the first day of my standard one. I missed the moment when mummy, daddy, brother, grandpa, grandma and me playing at the seaside when I was small. That was the most greatest moment I could every had in my life. I can't feel the feeling now. I've been thinking a lot about the past. I could not forget the way you hug me. I slept beside you when I was sick. Taking care of me when I'm sick. I wanna say thank you but can't! Why?

I felt sorry for daddy. I left home and moved to hostel and left daddy with granny here. I know daddy is lonely here. I wish I could spent my time with him but I can't! I didn't talk that much to daddy as before. How I wish you were here accompany daddy when I'm not around. I know daddy felt sad too. Daddy hurt the most when you left us. Brother moved further from home which cause him can't come home every week. We have a very warm and lovely family before, but why this is happening?

2 years ago, I was working at Pacific. Is Saturday and there are lots of customer. Daddy called me on my cellphone which I don't allow to brings in. I don't know what happen, I thought daddy was asking me for dinner. Later aunt and cousin came to me and told me that you were in trouble. I followed they back and leave without permission of my supervisor. I called daddy so many times on the way back but none of it answered. I called house number and granny answered. Grandma didn't told me how bad is it, she just say good if I'm coming home. I heard people was praying there and thats the time I felt so scare. I finally reach home and you're gone. You leave before I came home. Why don't you wait for me? Why don't you hold the last breath for another 10 minutes? I just wanna say "I Love You" before you go. Did I ever said these three word for you?

These three words is the words that I can't say it again in my entire life! How I wish you heard me! I don't know who to talk to when I'm depressed. I've been really strong since that day. Thanks god, I have a really great friends to hold on with. Thanks for sending me these friends to accompany me. Nobody know the way I feel. Nobody know how much I miss you, how much I love you! I just wish you could watch me studying my college and watch me graduate in the future. If you could hold one more year, you could see me pass my driving test and I driving cars. If another two years, you could see brother's girlfriend. If a few more years, you could watch me and brother graduate and wearing those honored square hat which I think is very ugly.

No matter what, I know you will never back into my life again. I just wanna say I Love You! You leave just before I want to show how much I appreciate you. Somehow I wish to have a clone machine to have another you. You still haven't see me success! I see you in my dream with the lovely smile. Please forgive me for what I have done, for what you hate me, for what I did to make you angry. I know you love me the most when you were still alive. I Love You Mummy!

Chee Hsien

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Caldin's Birthday!

Today, the 17th of May is my friend Caldin's 19th Birthday. I'm here to wish her Happy Birthday. She is not a blogger. Hahaha.. Let me show you her picture which I got approval from her to have her photo to post in my blog. Don't stole her photo leh.

Is she pretty or hot? You decide! So, she only have one dream. She want us to sing a birthday song for her. We gave her a surprise just now. We was at some cafe chatting and told her that we're going back before 12am. One of my friend fetch her home. Actually, we didn't go home. We went to her house! Once my friend drop her, we quickly walk toward her and some dogs was... Those dogs make her family come out and have a look. So I recorded a video and is not clear. Sorry. If you don't know mandarin or hockkien. Then I'll have to say sorry.

Imagine some crazy people singing at the roadside....

This was her speech some where in the middle of this video.

So once again, Happy Birthday Caldin! Oh yeah! Before I forgot, Happy Birthday to Cammy too, if not she will definitely says I'm not fair! Happy birthday to both of you!

Chee Hsien

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Jialat lo... I was tagged by this lady.

1) Name one person who made you smile last night.
Caldin, she keep making silly looks of her when me and my friend were hanging out at McD.

2) What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
I slept at 5.30am this morning, what do you thing I'm doing at 8am?

3) What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Fixing some HTML code.. I'm gonna dump it and will never do it again!

4) What was something that happened to you in 2006?
Stepped into TARC and there goes my college life!

5) What is the last thing you said aloud?
Some rude word i said last night :P

6) How many different things did you drink today?
Plain water, Milo and my air-liur

7) What color is your hairbrush?
So so orange..

8) What was the last thing you paid for?
Country Grilled Chicken Burger for 3 something which I had last night.

9) Where were you last night?
First at Kocha Kopitiam then headed to Sunway's McD till 3 something.

10) What color is your front door?
Dark Brown

11) Where do you keep your change?
A box in my hostel and some in my car.

12) What is the weather like today?
I felt like raining, but I'm wrong.

13) What is the best ice cream flavor?
Choco with Vanilla?

14) What is something you are excited about?
My blog new design! Still working on it...

15) Do you want to cut your hair?
Hell yeah!

16) Are you over the age of 25?
Not until 6 years later. Yeah! I'm young!

17) Do you talk a lot?
Ask my friend, they will tell you the answer... Hahahahaha...

18) Do you watch The O.C.?
I was... Want to watch balik already!

19) Do you know anyone named Steven?
I'm suppose yes.

20) Do you make up your own words?
I just did it on my last entry.

21) Are you typically a jealous person?

22) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter “A”
aL :P

23) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter “K”
Kah Peng... Hahahahaha...

24) Who’s the 1st person on your received calls list?
1st means latest or the 1st person called me on my cell since I started to use cell back to 2003?

25) What did the last text message you received say?
"wei breakfirst untill lunch liau also no sound" Anyone have any idea what he talkingcraping about?

26) Do you chew on your straws?

27) Do you have curly hair?
If you asked me this question, you surely don't know me...

28) Where is the next place you’re going?
Out of my house...

29) Who is the rudest person in your life?
Hahahahaha.... One of my friends....

30) What is the last thing you ate?
Char siew!

31) Is marriage in your future?
If only I found my girlfriend.

32) What is the best movie you’ve seen in the past two weeks?
I only watch one movie for the pass 2 weeks which is Spidey 3. Do I have a choice then?

33) Is there anyone you like right now?
I like all the friends I'm having now...

34) When was the last time you did the dishes?

35) Are you currently depressed?
No la!

36) Did you cry today?
Almost drop my tears after reading kevin's blog about his Granny and makes me think about my mom...

37) Why did you answer and post this?

38) Tag 5 people who would do this survey
itchy - since u pass my friend test, so a tag?
Christina YY - your belated birthday present. Hahahaha...
miChi3 - Spam my shoutbox some more, I'll tag you more.
Koolz - A tag before you start college life?
hAo' Ha'o - Since you say u have nothing to post, I found something for you. :P

I'm sorry guys... :P
Jialat!! I used 30 minutes to finish this tag!! *swt*

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is the name of lunch+tea+dinner?

After walking around in Queensbay Mall for a while, we went to have our lunch. Erm, you can call it late lunch, tea-time or early dinner, cause it is around 3.30pm already. We took about 2.30 hours to finish all those dishes. So was it a lunch-tea-dinner = lunteaner? I'm creating my own words. Hahahahaha... So we went to T.G.I. Friday's again! Is the second time I went there. Those who haven't try it should try la. Won't rugi ones, sure untung eh! Trust me! :P

I like this Chocolate Milkshake.

I forgot this name. Is a pasta. The name sound something like DIABLO!

It looks more like a burger than a sandwich.

This was the best among the others that we ordered. I took more than 20 shot of this steak. I couldn't get the best shot! Tried every setting but didn't try different position. The steak is awesome! I'm missing it...

This should be free eh, but they charge us and we didn't notice it until we reach home. Buta-buta need to pay extra.

The only desert we order.

One more thing, the waitress that serve us that day was HAWT!!!

Chee Hsien