Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mcdonald Everyday

22 April 2007 Sunday : I went to Sunrise Mcdonald at around 10.30pm. I was there studying for my finals. Forgot what I ate that day.

23 April 2007 Monday : I went to Gurney Starbucks at 4pm then switch place to Sunrise Mcdonald again for studying. Ordered a Large McChicken and get one for free. So ate 2 burger!

24 April 2007 Tuesday : Finish my finals! Went to Gurney with classmate and a break for Mcdonalds. No Mcd that day!

25 April 2007 Wednesday : Finish my external paper and hanging out with classmate all day long. Reach my lovely and not hot hometown at 10pm. My dad ta bao Mcdonald for me at 12am!

26 April 2007 Thursday : In hometown, went out with Yu Lin, Chee Min and Caldin at Sunway's Mcdonald until 2.30am.

27 April 2007 Friday : Was with few guys at Juru AutoCity's Mcdonald. Thats the 1st time I went Mcdonald without spending a single cent. My friend treat me!

28 April 2007 Saturday : Went for a movie, The Hills Have Eyes 2, at Megamall. After movie went to BM for supper and then went to Juru AutoCity's Mcdonald again!

29 April 2007 Sunday : My dad ta bao Mcdonald again!

30 April 2007 Monday : This is the day counting down to my birthday. Didn't go to Mcdonald. So guai!

1 May 2007 Tuesday : Is my birthday! After Citi-box, went to pelita. After that, Mcdonald again! This time back to Sunway's Mcdonald.

No more Mcdonald already. Oh ya, last night I went to Sunway's Mcdonald. :P What so fun in Mcdonalds? I just love to lepak there! Sometime I don't like those burger but I still there! There's so much fun you can do in Mcdonald. One thing for sure, you can refill your drinks. That's one of the reason. Even if your 19 like me, or older, you still can use this Kids Club card which is for 12 years and below.

No matter what you see in Mcdonalds, you want it! You want to have a bite!

Once you have it in your mouth, you will be happy like this.

You even can play with the sauce, chili or ketchup, whatever it is!

You can make a person from smile to cry.

From pretty to ugly.

And of course! From angel to devil!

Well, my favorite is the fried!

So, are you ready for the challenge?

One and a half minute later.

Oh ya! You can have your own mountain!

Mcdonalds, I'm Lovin' It!
Chee Hsien

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Rabbit said...

Aiyo McD should really give you a best customer award lah. Keke!

nuclear said...

omg~~~~ i can die if i eat mcd everyday like u.. if i eat mcd everyday, i dunno how to hike da BM Hill how many times. haha!

Chee Hsien said...

Rabbit : I'm gonna win that award if it really exist. :P

nuclear : I'm still alive. :P

ItchyHandseng said...

I'm lovin it.hehe McD lover here.I thought McD 2 times a week was bad enough...................Now i knoe McD got more setia punya fans

Frankie said...

walao. pity the indian lady's face kena conteng by u.... btw its creative haha. mcd is nt gd for health..dn eat too much =P

Chee Hsien said...

itchy : u haven't see the real setia wan. :P

frankie : I wonder that girl ever visit my blog? Lolx. McD is not good thats why I stop this few days. Hahaha.. But last night my dad ta bao again! Haiz..