Sunday, May 27, 2007

The bright side and the dark side!

I went to seaside with friends just now. The very nice part of the beach is the wind. The wind felt so great. I'm feeling like flying when you raise both of your hand. Just like the scene in Titanic! Refreshing air.

Other than that, you can see the love that other were having. You can see couples dating, family outing! See those little kids playing with the water, they playing like no worries!

At beach you really can see all kind of love! Any love that available in the world. That is the beauty of beach!

Anything just happen when I walk around the beach. You wouldn't believe it until you see it in front of your eye! This is very sad!

All those dead fish! Just lying there helplessly! Anything that we can do?

Rubbish is every where! And there was a kids fishing there. I wanted to tell him that all the fishes are dead! but I didn't.

What the heck lar wei! Can't "upgrade" our beach meh? By the way, I had some so-called model shot. Muahahhaa...

"Look! Is a plane! No, is a BIRD! Nonono, is my hubby come back with his cruise!" Is just a boat lar wei!!!

Chee Hsien

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conan_cat said...

lol... looks like the ending scene of the pirates of da carribean 3... XD

yeah, pollution everywhere and dead fishes :( very, very sad

hA'o Ha'O said...

ho lar.. go out and nv call me...


miChi3 said... went to where eh seaside?

Chee Hsien said...

conan_cat: damn sad.. in the future dunno got fish to eat or not :P

hao: not me called. :P

michi3 : Pantai Bersih tapi sana tak bersih!