Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finally i saw her !!

Finally i saw her !!

is been a while !! already 2 weeks !!!

finally i saw her !! hehehe !!!

i miss u !!!

haha !!!

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Malaysia as we know it today is a thriving developing country.

31st August 2006, marks the 49th years of the country's independence from british and the day of joyful,triumphant shouts of "Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !" resonated throughout the nation as the Malaya's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman stood on a podium at Merdeka Square doing the same.

The name Malaya then changed it to Malaysia when the country officialy made a federation 13 state. Although Singapore broke away and become the nation of its own in 1965, the rest of the states have remained firmly together, combining to make Malaysia the harmonious melting potof cultures it is today.

Proud to be Malaysian !!

chee hsien

Saturday, August 26, 2006

1st gathering for Y1M27

thursday nite(24/8/06) was my class's 1st gathering haha...

is that counted for gathering?
but not all of us went to redbox for karaoke..
is fun hanging out with classmate.

we booked from 5pm-8pm. At 7pm, five people gone back d, so left
7 people with one car !!??!! but we sang till 9pm !! hahahahah !! one hour over !

then we wanna go for dinner, 1st we r going for McD eh, but my friend said want go Pizza Hut and she treat us.

me and Alfred shocked because a girl treat we(boy) eat pizza. we very pai seh la !! haha !!
it cost rm100 for the pizza man.... and 7 people sat in one car ( my small car " SAVVY " ) haha !!

well, is a great night. But then, i "lau sai" in the next morning !!! till now still !!! haiyo..
i wonder they also "lau sai" like me or not?

wait ... bye...
going to toilet now !!!

chee hsien.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Worst Day !!

today would be the worst day in my life !!!
start from the morning, not really morning, midnight la, is so damn hot for the whole night !!! i cant sleep well man !! i only mange to sleep at about 7.00am, so that i sleep until 12.30pm and my class start at 1pm !!! oh shit is the first word i said today !!

Afternoon, my friend accidentally droped my HP on the floor, and i heard the sound ....... dunno how to say... is so HURT !!! my heart broke !!! haiz !!!

somemore at night, my original CD "boyzone-by request" the cover cracked.. and is made by my friend !! huiyoooooo !!!!!wat did i done??? so hurt la !!!!!


by the way, i guess i cant update my blog everyday la, coz kindda bz this few day..

well exam coming soon..... good luck !!

chee hsien

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Lovin it !!

Mcdonald !!!
I'm Lovin It !!!

aiya, dunno y these days i so damn like to take Mcd har?
Spicy Chicken McDulex ;
McFlurry ;
Sundae ;
the French Fried !!!!!!

oh.. i'm hungry now !!

i like it so much expecially the French Fried !! oh... yummie yummie !!!!

Alfred !!!!! u still owe my McD !!!! when u wanna pay back??????!!!!

I'm Lovin It

Chee Hsien

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Everyone is different

Like i said, everyone had different taste, interest, feeling and etc.

i just dun understand y some people like to force ppl to do something that we dun like to do ?

just like some parents, we dun like to study, it doesnt mean that we r useless !! there is something we know better than you(parents).
let say me, i dun like to study, i like to play computer games. why my dad always like to say, "Hsien, go and study, dun watch movie d" or "if u dun study hard u will hav bad future" or... whatever... i dun care.. come on, is 21st century d.

nowadays good result of academic doesnt mean u will have a VERY good future in life !! Good social skill is the key to success dude!! if i like play computer games, maybe in the future i can learn how to create games. this career also can earn lot of money wat !! y must we study??

me, like to do thing with both hand not with the pen !! y i choose to study accounting?? i should choose to study something like IT or QS, etc. but anyway i still like account. hope i choose the rite course...

thats all for today.

Chee Hsien.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Let Pray !!!

Early in the morning... took my car key, get on to the car.. started the engine and pauline is beside me. whispered to me say my friend(yiong chia)'s mum passed away !!!

i was like freezed and stopped to think others... just shocked !!!

reached the college, looks like the news spread like superman !!

me and my AG chairman faster set up a EMERGENCY meeting.. we collect money to donate for the"bai jing" (i dunno wat it called in english).

well, this case rewinded my mind into 2 years ago,when my mum passed away.

Yiong Chia : i know how u felt rite now coz i been thru b4. but u still hav we the group of siao kia. u wont feel sad with us.

dun be sad. let her rest in peace better than suffer the sickness..

Let us pray.....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Volleyball Competition.

so,it should be the second last lesson for the 1st semester.
there is a volleyball competition and every volleyball student MUST take part !!

haiz.. b4 that, i though it would be a hard day to pass..
but thats not the fact.... me and my team mate play with happiness haha !!!
we won 2 round out of 4 in group stage. cant make it to the quater finals...

well, guess i cant always meet my team mate d. only can meet in college when FREE la..

kla.. Astral member r FRIENDS !!

once a friend forever friend. (yun lin teach me eh.) lolz !!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

TND Forum

Well, there is a forum named TND Forum.
It is a Music Forum !!

heres a list of thing u can do in TND Forum :

well, is a lot of fun there.
is just a click then u can hav lot of fun here.
come join us !!!

u dun want ur life to be so bored rite??

** Terms & Conditions Apply.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Valentine Dinner !!

er.. how i wanna start this blog???
Valentine Dinner held yesterday night at TARC canteen !

Magical Love !! the title for this year !!

1st the program STATED 7pm start !! but we waited an hour !! but this is a Malaysian Time !!! got wat i mean?

thats is not a problem !! the main problem is the FOOD !! we suppose to have a black pepper chicken chop !! but all we have is a chicken chop with bread, NO french fried, NO sauce and NO knife!!!! so we have to use fork to eat that CHICKEN CHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!

but the program is quite nice la !! compare to Annual gathering i dunno which wan better la !!

the one that make me feel fun is our Annual Gathering commitee making lot of fun together and again we took damn lot of picture !! lolz !!

and alfred, u owe me a McDonald !! lolz !!

going to class now !!


chee hsien