Saturday, September 30, 2006

Getting Bored.

I don't know what should i do to make my life more excited ?
Can you give me some idea?

Here some activity I do everyday :
Online (MSN, reply some forum)
Play games (O2Jam)
Eat(Lunch, Dinner, Supper. Never had breakfast)
& Sleep.


I want to go out with friends, but we don't know where should we go.
NetZero is kidda bored for me because i can play dota and o2jam at home too. Why should I spend money at the cyber cafe playing the same games?
Mcdonald(Seberang Jaya), is nice to go there, but everyday go there also Pokai la ! Somemore my wallet is on diet now.
We manage to go to a coffee shop yum cha every night.
Will you feel bored? I will felt bored if everyday going to the same place.

Aiya don't know what should I do la !!
Somebody help me please !!

SMS also running out of credit leh....
Everyday on my laptop, listen to the same music......... DEAD !!

Haiz.. nothing to blog now.

Chee Hsien.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

i'm one in a milion too. xD

i everyday also cant sleep. dunno why la.. everyday also 4am or 5am sleep. last night worst ! 5.30 !

duhh.. fed up.. i though today can wake up early but failed. i set alarm, set my air-cond auto off. ask friend to sms me when they woke up.but i manage to sleep without air-cond or fan and ignore all the sms and ignore someone's call and sleep until 2.30pm.
more than half day passed.

last night, i should say just now early in the morning, was a terrible night. sms with a few ppl. i was online-ing at around 2am, cai wei sms me. The text was "Wake up go toilet lo......" So lame, but i done that to other person before. haha !!

then i'm about to sleep at 4.15am something. At 4.41am, cammy forwarded a message to me." go to sleep la.." i replied.she later send back that she cannot sleep. then we sms till 5.30am.

Walao.. so many people cant sleep also come find de?? maybe they know i wont sleep so early . haiz.. haha !! funny when think about it..

u want to find me also can la, but not so late la.
my contact : 012-57655**

When u sms with me u deffinetly can sleep. wakakaka !!
but if my hp is out of credit or expired. u unlucky lo.
i also dunno how to help u.

haha.. okla..

Chee Hsien

One in a million

ooohh.. suki is the One in a Million winner. i just know yesterday.
wanna know more about her?

her email address is
i dun even heard her sing b4 cause i never watch the talent show.
yes ! she is younger than me and she is taking SPM this coming november.
17 years old a millionaire?? u imagine that !

kena rompak atau culik macam mana??


Friday, September 22, 2006

Day by Day

my TARC forum has been like a dead human pass few week.
today i seen some improvement.
thx a lot to Kevin for making some funny stuff inside and starting many topic to discuss.
the forum is alive again.. i see the member starting to post and now hav 35 registered members, but only few were active.

Maybe is exam period, so a little bit quite. I'll see after the exam. and guess wat? exam period ends this saturday which is tomorrow !! yeah !! but i already holiday for one and a half week d. xD

congrats and now waiting for the pass/fail list.

next semester starts 16 October 2006.

so fast over d.. hehe.. just a blink of my eyes is ended 1st sem. i still thinking that our orientation wee was yesterday. haiz...

guess this holiday also wont last long.. haha...

signing off..

Chee Hsien

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last Saturday Night.

Pertamanya... Saya minta maaf dulu ya... Saya mungkir janji..
i suppose to post this 2 days ago... but i kinda lazy.. hehe.. hope u all dun mind...

well start my blogging now...
Saturday night, is a very fantastic night. It could be the 1st "gathering" for my gang's friend after we graduate from secondary school.. Oh ya, irene(Wei Yong's gf) didnt show up that day. We dun hav a name for this group of "siao kia", but chew hao got an idea to named it "Kastam Idiots" haha !! I think i'm not gonna accept that name la...

Hemm.... i start my journey to Sungai Petani at about 7pm la.. i just drove 15-20 minute reach d.. man i drive so fast, but for me is slow d cause i go up to 130 kph only. When i reach there, some of my friend were preparing to BBQ stuff as i walk into my friend's living room and JUST WAIT haha !! After about 10 minute they started to BBQ d, yeah !! long time no BBQ lo.. About an hour later, another group of my friend cames and they bring us new member. haha.. guess who is that...... cant guess??? ok, let me tell you. is Miss Tan Cai Wei.

When she came, we all perli her. dun ask me y la har.. Now i will skip some part of the story because something might not safe to tell you all here. haha....

Skip to... Cai Wei she is quite while we were BBQ-ing. She didnt spoke much. End the BBQ parts and go to some interesting part. When i was bored, i took my cell phone and started to take a few picture of myself. The cai wei saw me, and she ask me "yer, u also ike that wan ah?". After that sentence, she took my phone and took picture of herself... She is just the Queen of taking photo... she took until my phone "hang" ah !!! not only mine, kok giang and yee lin too !!!All add up dunno how many pic she took that day..

okey dun talk her d.. Everytime, anywhere when we have a gathering, we sure got gambling wan la... haha.. i lost rm31 that day... sad lo.. T.T !!
later some of my friend went back home.. about 2am we go hav our very late supper... At there cai wei took picture AGAIN !!! haiz...

back to kok giang home... we talk and watch movie the whole night and didnt sleep lo.. so cames to sunday morning.

5.30am we drive 140kph back to butterworth. the 1st place we went is our secondary school. Kok giang got St john meeting there and hav to duty somewhere at penang. then left 7 of us. we went to take dim sum and then send cai wei back to her hostel !! not her home okey?? in penang ISLAND !! not the mainlands.. dunno whos idea was that !! dun wanna talk what we do at pg.. just to let u know we went to seaside and other place la...

finally going back to butterworth.... along the way all of us sleep while i pity the two driver.. haha !! cannot sleep !! haha !!

i reach home around 10.30 am.. then sleep till 12pm... then 1.30 pm sleep till 7pm... sunday was just sleep for me..

okey lo... end of story...
waw.... i wrote this blog so long ah??
didnt notice also...
haha.. kla..

Bye bye

Chee Hsien

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lazy but Happy

is still holiday and i'm so lazy....
i already a week of holiday and i do ntg but sleep.

dunno la.. this few day very lazy to update my blog. man i dunno y, but just so lazy..
everyday slept till 2pm and sleep from 3am. almost 12 hour u know... haiz...

but i creat some new forum for TARCians and my beloved friends.
check it out.

check out my work. while u viewing it, click to word REGISTER, then follow the wat it want u to do..

kla... lazy a bit d...
maybe later i will update my blog again
update about wat goin on with me last saturday night.
haha... stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today, i would like to tell u that i have finish my 1st semester's final exam.. wakakaka....

holiday lo !! haha !! so happy..

well, but i got holiday till 15 of october... dunno wat i should to during this holidays....

during my exam period, special thanks to my housemate, my classmate, Mei Ling, and McDonald!!! wakakak !! hahahaha !!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Say It and Do It !!!

dude !!
exam is tomorrow !!!

u dun wan to repeat for another year rite?? if thats true, and y dun u just go and study???

u keep on thinking that u dun wan to fail ur exam and dun wan to repeat the whole year. Thats no use !! u must take action on it !! it will pass or get an As if only u work for it !! if u work for it very well, u deserve it !! The As wont come to u if u just sit around, online, play games and etc. Come on !! is already Wednesday !!! u need to study this afternoon !!! 100% need !!! if not, u gonna die !!

i'm talking about me, i'm using YOU because i'm scolding myself.. hehe !! stupid me !!

chee hsien.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to home !!

Is a wonderful weekend that i can spend my time with my whole big family !!
but everywhere i go, everything i do, i still thinking of my exam la !! haiz !!

okey, as i promise i'll upload some picture i took in KL.

this r some picture i took along the road...

a nice cloud when on the way to KL.

heres another one.

waw.. KLCC....

Waw.. so high ah !!!

a very funny notice that i saw when i having breakfast at a restoran.. haha !!

thats my cousin at UNITEN when his convocation on sunday.

Kajang satay !! very good !!! haha !!

okey, thats all i can show u..
enjoy urself..

haiz, still thinking of my exam... haiz...

chee hsien..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Vacation??

Well, now i'm currently in Petaling Jaya. Staying at my cousin house.

actually is not really a vacation, coz my cousin's convocation is tomorrow, no.. is later, is 2.18am now !! and i'm still online.. hehe..

just wanna let u all know just now i went to KLCC, just passing by, then went to the curve and my brother bought some shirt, and i wanted to buy a t-shirt but they dun have my size.. haiz...

i took some picture.. i'll upload here to let u all see after i back home okies??

lastly congrats to my cousin for gratuate d !!

cya when i get back..

chee hsien.