Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Have anyone of you ever heard about the word "oOmph"? Do you know that a web called oOmph as well? Well, you should check it out @ www.oomph.com.my

oOmph Malaysia Food Entertainment
oOmph! The Ultimate Food & Entertainment Experience

If you're living in Penang and you're tired about the place you've always been to, this is the web you needed the most. Inside this web, they highlights the latest of creations its Penang food, beverage and hotel establishment members to Malaysia and the world. When you don't know where to have lunch or dinner, they provided some information about the restaurant that they deal with. They had their location map waiting for you to view and the facilities, types of payment received, environment....... and more! Check out here!

Not only for Penangites. If you're staying some where out of Penang and planning to have a vacation in Penang and then the big problem pops out! "Where the hell should I stay in Penang??" No worries, oOmph is always there for you. They have a list of hotel that is 5 star I guess. Hahahahaha... Check it here!

Now, you found the hotel you wanted. Ready for a spa? Hell yea! As I'm a Penangite, I don't know that there is a Spa near my hostel at Tanjung Bungah! Not till I check it here. Oh yeah, oOmph is going on for whole Malaysia as well.

All the above could took you time the whole morning and afternoon and evening too. So what the hell you wanna do at night? What's on teenager's mind? I tell you, is ENTERTAINMENT! Penang Entertainment! So now you will where to go to have the greatest CLUB in town like GLO in Upper Penang Road!

You won't attracted by the word I type here. But you change you're mind when you visit the page. www.oomph.com.my

For bloggers, you definitely like the word "FREE" right? Well, for bloggers, oOmph is giving away prizes this week to bloggers. Tickets to “The Carnivall – Water & Land Of Excitement” and free buffets at Cititel Penang are up for grabs! So hurry up, it’s a first come first served basis!!! All you have to do is just review oOmph in you blog just like you did with PayPerPost. Check out the rules and regulations @ www.blogreview.oOmph.com.my

So what are you waiting for? Come get some!!

Chee Hsien

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Nicholas Chan said...

this site is cool. a lot of foodd !!! muahaha