Monday, May 28, 2007

The huge prank by Penang Bloggers!

Most of you guys already heard about the prank that me and some bloggers planned right? Why we wanna prank that guy? Okey, this is why. This guys is very famous among bloggers. He is famous because he prank call people a lots. Listen carefully, is prank CALL! Which mean he usually call people in random with phone. I was pranked by him for 2 or 3 times already. I actually wrote a first prank call in this blog few weeks ago right? Here's the link. This guys name Shaz!

He told me last week that he will be coming to Penang and would like to meet up some Penang Bloggers here. Then I called up some bloggers and we decided to meet at Gurney cause is easier for Shaz to drop by there. The actual plan wasn't like the one we pranked. He want me to call some bloggers and made a surprise appearance. But we end up totally terbalik that day. Lolx.

I didn't keep the secret as Shaz is coming. I spread the news to the Penang Bloggers(naughty me)! Then one of the bloggers came up the idea to prank him since he pranked a lots of people. He is a big prankster. So last Saturday, I met those blogger that show up an hour before the time we suppose to meet Shaz. But one thing, Shaz was there earlier than we! Lucky we didn't bump into him! Koolz was the first arrive and by the time he arrive I just started my journey from my house which is in mainland! Sorry for made you waiting! I thought I was the last to reach, but Minny and Erlynda is the last! We waited for about 20 minutes for them to show up(=.=")! One funny thing, the first word Minny said to me was "Which one is Chee Hsien?". She said she can't recognize me. Jialat lah wei! Nvm cause this is the first time I meet you all. Dragon Head came later and fast goes with our plan. All of it was a last minute! We went to many shop to ask can help or not, from hp shop to toy shop then to hair saloon! All of them turn us down! Some of them don't even know WHAT THE HELL IS BLOGGERS!!!!!!

I cut the story short cause I seems like not going to end it. Anyway, we got separate, Minny went to meet Shaz first, then Koolz and Erlynda follow later. Left me, Suki and Dragon Head. Three of us finally found one that love to help. Dragon Head came up with one-man show! Suki and I went to join the rest. We talked a while, Dragon Head called me and tell me where the prank took place. I ask all of them to go up to GSC Cinema cause Dragon Head will wait for us some where on the way there :P This is how it happen, Dragon Head will become a promoter who tried to sell Sony Ericsson mobile phone. He tried to get Shaz to hold the dummy phone and drop it, but he rejected. Then Erlynda came to help and drop the dummy phone. Then "promoter" get nervous and scared to kena fired! Erlynda apologies and "promoter" want her to said it to his manager. Somehow, Shaz finally get involved!

The plan is going smooth!

*cut the long story* Then all of us follow the "promoter" to the shop. The boss is cool enough to play along with us! I didn't expect it! That was just so cool! Then finally he revive his identity! And Shaz was told that it was just a prank! Shaz first word was FAARK!! YOU BIATCH!! and his face was so red! All of us laughing and clap hand there. Muahahhaha... The prankster got pranked by Penang Bloggers!! Shaz said this is the first time! The first time he falls into a PRANK! Muahahahhah....

Of course la, sure have group photo wan. We took photo with the boss.

PS : Some photo stolen from Erlynda's blog. If you wanna know more detailed story, do visit Erlynda's blog or here and here. Next update, Penang Bloggers with Shaz for lunch.

Chee Hsien

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AceOne118 said...

I was in Penang too lah! No call me wan?

conan_cat said...

lol that was so farnee!!! XD liddat also can! and you guys really lucky got the phone dealer to act wif you guys lor. so smart leh! :D :D sure need very good acting skill until Shaz oso knt discover lor XD

Chee Hsien said...

Aceone118 : U didnt tell me, if i know i sure call u.. :P

Conan_cat : Yay, Dragon head got the best actor award from penang blogger. :P

ItchyHandseng said...

Wah lau,So fun also nv call me along :( haha