Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Fortune

◎Your life is represented by the sun of power, which means you can create your own future with your charisma and leadership. You can live a pretty comfortable life. You are a person of passion and manners, and like wise and trustworthy people. As a person of sunshine, you are enthusiastic and generous, and also a leader type, not a follower.◎

Your characteristics, subconscious, and behavior modes, according to your fate and destiny, are represented by the sun. Bright, warmhearted, generous, and not fussy about details, you do not like to make small social circles and believe firmly in justice.

The sun is the leader in the sky, so you have natural leadership ability, and the desire and dedication to perform and sacrifice as long as you have the respect and support from others. The sun shines everywhere, so you also like to be fair and make sure everyone is covered and shares the profit. The sun revolves regularly everyday in its orbit, so you are a very disciplined person who rarely quits halfway, and no one can force you to do something you don't want to do.

You like honest individuals who keep their promises, dislike opinionated people, and admire peope with artistic talent and those who can enrich your spirit. Your entire life is like the sun, subject to public focus and attention, yet striving relentlessly. The sun in the cold winter is the most difficult time of your life, but you can bear it and flourish eventually.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your stomach and intestines is weaker.◎

According to your destiny analysis, the function of your stomach and intestines is weaker, which caused minor problems like bad breath, upset or bloated stomach, and diarrhea when you were young. But over age 40, additional care of your stomach and intestines is needed, or it may lead to major digestive system problems such as esophagus infection, stomach or intestinal infection, gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, intestines polyp, diabetes. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue and stress, maintain a stable lifestyle and schedule, sleep and wake early, eat regular meals at regular hours, don't drink alcohol, and consume less acidic food and drink in order to protect a congenitally weak digestive system.

There's a saying that all disease starts from the mouth, which means many human diseases are related to food. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, food can be divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth (concept of the five elements). You seem to prefer the sweet flavors of desserts and other sweets, which means your cells are filled with too much earth element. This negatively affects your health, fortune and career, so we suggest you try different foods to balance your diet and nutrition, which leads to harmony in life and a balance of yin and yang based on the five elements. In addition, if you have recently felt unlucky or things were not going smoothly, then you are probably affected by bad spirit, which caused bad luck. The best solution is not to eat meat and fish for a period of time until the bad spirit goes away. The bad spirit tends to stay with those who eat meat and fish, and also chicken, duck, green onion, garlic, leek and other spices, so a vegetarian diet can help change your luck.

◎Health Analysis: The function of your respiratory system is weaker as well.◎

The function of your respiratory system is weaker as well, and you have had minor problems like allergies, runny nose, cough, cold, chest pain, diarrhea and constipation when you were young. But over age 40, additional care of your respiratory system is needed, or it may lead to nasosinutisis, asthma, bronchopneumonia, bronchitis, intestines polyp and proctitis. Therefore, you should avoid fatigue and smoking, maintain a stable, regular lifestyle and schedule, and sleep and wake early in order to protect a congenitally weaker respiratory system.

According to your destiny analysis, your working and living environment tends to be a bit messy and without good air circulation, which is not good for your respiratory system. You tend to be anxious, lack patience and tolerance, which means you don't get along well with friends.

If you want to change your fate and destiny, breath deeply for five minutes per day, maintain good air circulation, and open a window or door in your room. As long as you have sufficient oxygen in your body, your destiny will be completely changed with better health, more wealth and happiness coming into your life.

◎The way you get along with your girlfriend or wife is not a deep companionship. She is more tough and strong-minded and gives suggestions and arranges your life with good intention. You may be happy at first, but may feel later that she is too bossy.◎

In romance, according to our analysis, you tend to fall in love at first sight with someone you admire in your heart. A sweet romance develops quickly but doesn't last long because it's difficult to maintain the same level of passion from beginning to end. Generally speaking, women have quite a good first impression of you because you have the charm and finesse to chase after your love interest. But after dating for a while, your passion and level of interest declines. You tend to like a person at first sight, but not after a period of time. Your romantic partner may like you at first sight, but also loses interest after a period of time. Therefore, if you are still waiting for a good romance, try to conceal your outer beauty in order to find more sincere and suitable lovers who aren't just attracted to your looks. Then true romance will come your way.

In the journey of life, your romantic or marriage partner may appear easily, and most possibly someone in your life and social circle. She could be introduced through school, work, or community association. You may marry early, so if you are still seeking your love partner look among the people around you; the person who is most innocent, cute, pretty and attractive might possibly be the one. As long as you pursue the relationship with a sincere heart, the happiness is right beside you.

◎Career Analysis: Most of your jobs, in any industry, require some creativity, communication and critical thinking ability.◎

Most of your jobs, in any industry, require some creativity, communication and critical thinking ability. For example, R&D, marketing, sales, etc. As long as you keep turning your ideas into action, your value in a company is irreplaceable. If you choose jobs that require critical thinking ability, your work will go smoothly (jobs that are labor intensive are not suitable). You tend, however, to think from only your own point of view, so you may lack a broader perspective for higher management. You should further strengthen your experience, and if you want to reach the next professional level, then you should be more understanding and considerate of other employees and communicate more, in order to improve your leadership ability.

◎Wealth Analysis: You know how to make money well through investment or starting a business.◎

According to your destiny analysis, you know how to make money well through investment or starting a business. You knew the importance of the money since you were young, and knew it's very difficult to be rich depending only on a salary, so you learned about investment earlier than others. Therefore, you were making money with investments while others were spending money and enjoying their lives. Born very clever, you will not spend money if unnecessary, but will be relatively more generous to the female friends around you. You will invest most of your wealth or reward those around you throughout life. Afterwards, you will bequest most of your wealth to the female friends around you.

I don't know what to say about it.
Chee Hsien

Monday, January 08, 2007

What goes around comes around.

I have a bad news and a good news. Which you one me to tell you 1st? I think I'll write the bad news 1st.

The bad news is, I blow off my record again ! Send 1500+ SMS in one month. I know somebody's record out there is much higher than me but I never thought I can send so many SMS in one month. The cost of making call was just RM6.00+, but it cost RM100+ for the SMS. Luckily, my dad didn't scold me for that, I was shock when I saw it for the first sight.

Is a total of 1,823 SMS.

Then the good news. I got a "B" for my Kenegaaraan Malaysia subject. Unbelievable! Ms. Chew said I have a very good result on my test 3 and it is the highest in Y1M27. Woohoo! But I have to admit it, I didn't study at all. All I did was copying my friend answer. I'm sorry, I didn't meant to get the highest mark. So, now I pass the coursework, and also for Reading and Writing II. What I hope now is that I won't fail the Understanding Financial Information. Pheww.. Is been a hard week for me. Thanks guys. Especially to Chia Pin and San Nee because I copy their answer. Hope my lecturer won't read my blog. xD

Gotta go for a bath now.
Chee Hsien

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I guess everyone in this world also will feeling depressed rights? Who won't be sad? Is just different matters of different people sad. When you're feeling sad, how did you handle it? Everyone was like : Uh! How can this happen to me? ; God please help me ! ; I don't wanna live in this world anymore ! ; I can't take it anymore ! and so on... Would you guys out there ask when you gonna die? I have an answer for you, the more you asked from god, the longer you live ! Thats mean don't ask too much, god give you what god think is enough for you. You asked but god wont give you, and you will suffer cause god won't let you die and let you live till 100 years old with a 80 years old thing that god provided. You suffer for 20 years.

Okey, cut the crap ! Start my blog !

Actually, I don't need to blog today, My final exam is on the next 2 week so I decided to write a simple blog cause I might be studying for the next few week. Hehe.. unbelievable huh? I'm so fuck up! I haven't start my revision. The 2nd semester in college passed just a blink of my eyes. Can't believe it, I learn nothing but fooling. I'm really fuck up! Anyway, still got 2 weeks. My friend from Japan leave me a message and says, "Still not in the 'fucked up' stage yet.... mybe in the 'I'm gonna be so fucked up' stage nia~ hehe!Anyway, Good luck & study hard ya!" Well, guess what? I'm very agree with her and she is coming back on the 4th next month. I'm just on the "gonna be so fucked up". Still have time... Study, study and study... What a life? Can't it be more interesting? Chinese always says "ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ". Yeah, thats right ! Hard time for the 1st 30 years of my life, then easy time for the 2nd 30 years of my life. My 3rd 30 years of my life will depends on my children. Hahaha... I think too much !

Can't wait to shopping for Chinese New Year !
Chee Hsien

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Its All About Love

To X:

Among us, you were the lucky ones. Since you don't know that, now I'm telling you. Why can't you behave yourself? You already know she is very sensitive for the first time, but how could you do it again the second time and also the third time? You thought it is just a small matter, because you're selfish! You thought you own the world, you thought you had gave the best and you also thought you are the best for her, but none of the above was true! Everything you do is ruling peoples life! You never mind about what's people thinking, that's why you thought you were the best. Would ever think that what you had done, is it good for everyone? Two words to describe you, thats is "Flower Prince". You didn't appreciate the Love you received and now you regret because it is over. You're done! You going on your own life and so is she. Whoever she SMS with is none of your business anymore! Now you know its hurt, do you ever think that you also did that before? Now you know how was her feeling and you experience it NOW. "Jealous" is what left in your heart! Why you angry the person she SMS with? Is her choice to SMS with anyone she want because is her life and you're ain't a part of her life anymore! Still I have to say is, "You can't erase what you had done". So get fuck off and start your new life being single.

To Y:
I don't know what to say to you. I don't know what happen with both of you within the one month. As I know, both of you were happy and never argue for the whole month. The reason you gave her break-up is a shame. Remember, you're guy and she's a girl. Girl will always be a girl and boy will always be a boy. Refer to the reason, why you wanna start this relationship with her since you already know that you're not suitable for the couple life. What she done, after the break-up, is just to be beside you, want to see you and to be with you. Shame on you cause you're telling lies to her. There nothing you need to scare of her. All she want is back into your heart. What are you thinking? You're not gentlemen at all! You keep running away from her, which I don't know why.

To Z:
I very pity you because you didn't do anything wrong. I know, your attitude is "gatal". The way u talk to any girl is like that. Don't care about the person. He's just jealous about you. But would you mind to control yourself a bit? Hehehe.. ;)

To K:
I know you fed up with him, so am I. This is the third time and I know you can't forgive him. After the break-up, still friend rights? Why you don't wanna meet him? Scare? If like that, tell him directly that you can't make it anymore. According to the current situation, is getting worst from bad, day by day. I don't have the qualification to say you. I know.

To L:
You shouldn't told lies, thats made him more hate you. If you wanna see him, just tell him and maybe he'll give u a chance.

To a guy named Chee Hsien:
You are standing in the middle of the War! Good Luck to you! xD

Well, thats Love. There's always ups and downs in Love. Would you guys be more open minded? Come on, we're 18 and 19 already. Giving a simple one more chance make the world peace and also say a "sorry" make the whole story different.

Anyway, is your life and I can't control about it. You make the move and the person that regret is you. Not me! Study is what I have to do now. After making lots of money, which girl don't want me? Hahaha...

Its About Love
Chee Hsien

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

As the title said, Happy New Year 2007, but for me, it wasn't start so well for the brand new year.

All I can say was, is such a boring day! I went to autocity and I met some TARCian, and other friends. I saw Reshmonu! His hair is just so great! Anyway, I just went there for few minute. I don't wanna go home, but my friend boring. We left nothing much. We go ronda-ronda around Butterworth, then we decided to go back to autocity just to see the firework. The firework last 4-5 minute then we left again! Hahaha... We are so damn free. Luckily, I'm not driving. Later on, we find a kopitiam to sit down and sembang lah. Is just a boring countdown for me. There just 4 of us hanging around Butterworth. I should have go to Gurney Drive.

My friend go Penang din invite me. W, C and D were the only friend that accompany me all night long.

I start off 2007 with something sad.
Chee Hsien