Sunday, July 30, 2006

King Of the Fruits !!

King of the fruits?

yah !! is Durians !!!!!

is durians season now !!!

woah !! as u can say, i ate a lot of durians this few days !!
some taste very good nice, some is bad !! ewww...
do u guys know one things that is "durians rice"?
well, my dad loves it very much but i kidda not feeling well with it !!
it looks so '_______', feel in the blank for me !! lolz !!

going for another durian !!
chee hsien

Saturday, July 29, 2006

" 1, 2, Jump "

" 1, 2, Jump "
" 1, 2, Jump "

By saying those words, i cant go to the penang food fest !!!

The volleyball practice la !!! haiyo !! y TARC like that eh?? no join activity cant graduate??

haiya !! missed the chance to try many penang food !!
er !!!! geram la !!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Annual Gathering Celebration Party !!

yesterday night really is a crazy night !!!

i started my journey at 6.45 pm. coz i dunno where is thath place so i met my senior at TARC then i follow the 'ass' of their car !! Kah Wei ah, i know u drive very fast la. but ur car is not faster than mine la !! if i really want to speed u sure cant catch me eh !! haha !! u beat the traffic light but at last also need to stop aside and wait for me wat !! hahaha !!

finally reached there(behind swatow lane's steamboat), 1st thing i thought is 'oh, here hor? i came here b4 d la !!'

soon we started our dinner !! we eat ike monster took so many thing !! waw.. !! like one month didnt ate anything suddenly come out eat.. haha !!

then we started to take photo !! waw.. all damn likes to take photo ah !! 20+ ppl 'squezz' into one photo !! thats nevermind, the most pai seh wan is all shout like 'siao kia', like 'monkey' from the jungle behind out college !!

u can have a look of the photo in my friendster's profile.

well, all the commitee FRIENDS FOREVER !!!!!!!

when can we go out like yesterday night again??

chee hsien

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Orange ............... Slipper !!


i bought an orange colour slipper !!
woah !! it took me alot of hard work to buy it !!
that is because i took 1 and 15 minute to find it !! i found it at Island plaza !!
first i went to many mini market to search for a simple and cheap slipper to wear but i cant find it, and i made alot of phone call to ask my friend and cousin to ask where can i find a pair of slipper?

i went from batu ferringhi to tanjung bungah, then from tanjung bungah to island plaza and finally found a slipper that is very "interesting" lolz !!

it cost RM11. Is it cheap or expensive?

chee hsien..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

1st runner up !!

first of all, my class seem like dun bother about the choral speaking.. everytime lecturer ask we to practice, we just simply read it simply pratice dun bother about winning or losing !!

but on the competation days, we also dun bother... but when our turn to present, we seem like very nervous. when till the end we glad it is over and about to leave then the mc annouced the winner, so we sit back our place... when she said "1st runner up goes to.... Y1M.. 27 !!" we just shocked !!!

i dunno wat to say la.. really unbelievable !!

congratulation then.

but the prize is biscuit !! O.o !!

u believe that?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Annual Gathering !!

Hard Rock Crazy Night !!!!
1st funtion in TARC(Pg Branch), well done to all the commitee including me.. hehe..

well... 1st of all, the program arranged not very good, and some program have to cancel due to some problem. but from what i see, all the commitee enjoy it very much, me too !!

something i cant believe is that our mc, Jimmy and Zi Wen dance !! they dance the song "Tuo Tiao" means take off ur cloth in english. they wear school uniform and then just take off !! of course they wear cloth inside la.. Zi Wen is a girl how can she....... lolz....

for those who didnt attend our annual gathering, u miss alot of fun then..

now our gathering is over and now i hope our cls valentine dinner, Magical Love will success !!

haiz lazy to write many d la.. so tired after whole night of annual gathering.

at last Annual Gathering finally success !! i'm looking forward to our farewell party !! and got exam at 2pm !! damn !! so tired dunno tomorrow can wake up or not??

wish me luck for tomorrow exam !!


chee hsien..

My English Lecturer.

My english lecturer finally smile.. lolz..
she is named miss Goh.
normally she always scold us.. most of my classmate dun like her !!
yesterday(18/7/2006) she didnt scold us, and she smile/laugh with us.. we are making jokes in class but she didnt scold or angry but laugh with us..lolz !!

to miss goh : dun angry me if u see this.


chee hsien

Monday, July 17, 2006

Incredible day !!

my 1st presentation over d !! i'm not nervouse when i step out in front of my class and start my word.. but i make it so siasui !! i suppose to say 'selamat tengah hari, but i said selamat pagi !' haiz...
while i'm presenting, my classmate look and laugh at me.. i dunno wat happen.. they said i'm cute.. lolz... as a matter of fact, i'm cute !! lolz.. !!!!

after the presentation class, i walk around the school and many ppl looked at me and smile. Y?? because i'm wearing formal wear??wat so big deal? everyone that present also wear formal wat !

then cames to CLS annual gathering meeting, i'm in charge in P.A. System. i said that i had found many song to play on that day, and i need their comment about the song. i ask them to stay and help me.. but nobody help me.. all runs away !! if my song is not ur taste dont blame me !!!!!!! coz i had ask for ur comment !!! but u all didnt care at all !!!

back to home !! i come back and bath then went for dinner.. after dinner.. i came back... and i climb 12 floor of stair case !!!! un believable rite?? u gotta believe it !!!

k then..

sign off d...

chee hsien

Wat a day i passed and i'm so dead !!

as i said yesterday !!
i'll slept until 12pm.. and thats wat i had done today !!
is still ok if i slept till 12pm, but at lease after woke up do SOMETHING !!
i dont !! haiz.. !!

ok.. i sick today !! when i step down my bed, my nose so damn itchy.. later i realize i got flu !!
i'm so tired whole day i dunno y !!
then i came online..and i told my friend,mei ling that i'm sick !! she is so nice, she advice me to SLEEP so that i can recover and take medicine ! i dunno y i would listen to her advice ?? i just follow wat she said and went to lie on my bed and i SLEEP again!!
Around 5pm mei ling called me. she said "hey wake up liao !!". "erm ok !!" i replied, then i continue my dream. 5 minute later she sms me. she sing a song thru sms to me, singing Wake Up by Hillary Duff but she changed the word saturday night to sunday noon !! lolz !! if she didnt sms me that time i definely sleep till 6/7pm..haha.. this is for u Mei Ling : u r the 1st person that can wake me up, nobody ever done that before !! i'm so lucky to hav a friend like u !!

ok then i didnt read thru my presentation paper !! so dead for later's presentation !! looks like i hav to seeing paper while present !! haiz...

okok.. i'll write again tonight !!

nite nite !

chee hsien

Sunday, July 16, 2006


hey hey hey !!!
this is chee hsien here !
i have create my first blog here..
but this wasnt my first blog actually.. i had wrote many blog in my friendster's profile already. u can hav a look with this email :

after i wrote so many blog, now i realize that i'm very interest with writing blog. thats y i create an account in blogspot.

so i'll update my blog daily if i can..


signing off