Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is the name of lunch+tea+dinner?

After walking around in Queensbay Mall for a while, we went to have our lunch. Erm, you can call it late lunch, tea-time or early dinner, cause it is around 3.30pm already. We took about 2.30 hours to finish all those dishes. So was it a lunch-tea-dinner = lunteaner? I'm creating my own words. Hahahahaha... So we went to T.G.I. Friday's again! Is the second time I went there. Those who haven't try it should try la. Won't rugi ones, sure untung eh! Trust me! :P

I like this Chocolate Milkshake.

I forgot this name. Is a pasta. The name sound something like DIABLO!

It looks more like a burger than a sandwich.

This was the best among the others that we ordered. I took more than 20 shot of this steak. I couldn't get the best shot! Tried every setting but didn't try different position. The steak is awesome! I'm missing it...

This should be free eh, but they charge us and we didn't notice it until we reach home. Buta-buta need to pay extra.

The only desert we order.

One more thing, the waitress that serve us that day was HAWT!!!

Chee Hsien

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bunny said...

OMG! damn hungry now.. how much u spend with all of this??all this pic took me crazy... i am starving rite now..T_T *sighs*