Monday, November 27, 2006


Do you guys know what is PRIVACY?
Everyones need it..

I feel like i've been fooled.
All the thing that i tell a person, i thought is suppose to be SECRET.
But now it..... someone had knew about it...
I've been fooled !

Is it rude to check ppl mail? Is it rude to listen while ppl talking on the phone?

I treat u as a friend, but do u did the same as me?

I just....... I just keep thinking that i've been fooled !

People no respect me at all !
Nobody likes me !
Thats hurt me alot.......

I dont know what to do...
I dont know what to say...
Felt so... so hurt.. u know??

Who u treat me as? a toy?
I have feelings. You just dun care.

I'm so so so so so so regret !!!!

I'm speechless !

Chee Hsien.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chee Hsien Genius Record !

Whats the record?
Travel 30KM using 4 hours and 30 minute !

i think more that that la.. just agak-agak only. xD

Wat a bad day la !

Dont believe me???
Read this = Traffic jam in whole penang

All because of two trailers or watever la.. makes whole penang standstill jam.
Walk also faster la...

i already cheated alot because i use many shortcut !! LOL...
but when i want turn in to the jetty, the FUCKING police dont let me in !!! aiya !!!
I have to make another one big round and queue again...

and finally reach home at 9.30pm la...
i started my journey around 4.30pm like that la.. not so sure.. forgot d..

i suppose started my journey at 3pm but my friend caught in accident so i turn back.......

Meanwhile there is something to be happy.
Which is my time table changed a little bit. Tuesday no more 4-6pm class, changed to friday 9-11am. haha ! now balance a bit d.. lol..

World genius record. haha
Chee Hsien

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Mat rempit !!
Memang celaka punya !!
Tak tau naik motor pergi IDI belajar lagi la !!
Mana u dapat lesen ni??
Apasai u mari susah saya?? I tak kenal u, u tak kenal i lo !!

There 1st time i saw people riding motor on the road then he fall down himself...
Is ok he fall down but why his motor fall beside of my car???

Luckily my car not hurt.... phewwww......
i dunno how his motor damage or not, he too, didnt care about me, then he go to the roadside with other people... and... i drive off... xD

Celaka mia !! sendiri susah cukup la !! apasai mau susah orang lain???

dunno how to say with those mat rempit la....

hope they die faster la !!!

make me scared until i cant eat....

Chee Hsien

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What? Who? Where? Why?

I should have been doing my assignment, but I switch on my laptop and sat here online writing blog...

Come on ! Not much time left !!!!

Dont know why this semester I just so lazy to do assignment compare with last semester.
Everyday sms, online, sleep and eat. Thats what I do, no study, no revision, went to college also slept at lecture hall.

What the hell in this world I'm doing???

Why life is so complicated? Why we need study? Why we need to do assignment? Why? Why? Why??
Theres so many questions mark in my mind !!!!! ?????????????????????????

If there is no earth, Where am I? Who am I? Perhaps I should ask What am I?

Chee Hsien

Saturday, November 11, 2006

2nd Anniversary

Life is so short,
Anyone can leave us at anytime, anywhere.

Please appreciate everyone in ur life, even that person just walk pass ur life for 3 second.
Who know? What could happen? Something we cant decide.

Today 11/11/2006, is the 2nd anniversary.

I'm not going to tell what happen two years ago. If u r smart enough u will guess.

Chee Hsien.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Luck

Ormeau, Brisbane, Queens Land is the way she heading. Once she go, she WAS a Malaysian.
I cant make it to the air-port to send her. Well, wishing her to have a brand new life over there.

When was the last time i saw you? and i cant see you for the last time. Hehe..
Nevermind, nowadays the technologies is so up to date, we and see each other by using webcam thru MSN or Skype. Is FOC. xD

I wish i can fly to oversea to study too. Just like having a trip. Feel great.

Phewwww... thats a short blog tonight.

Chee Hsien.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Expect More

Listen to Morning Crew every morning.
The most funny program i heard is Gotcha.
The show really light up my life every morning.

Putting a prank on people, making jokes on-air, JJ & Rudy is da man.
There is so much fun. I wish I can put a prank on my friend. xD
I will laugh when i listen to Morning Crew although I'm sad by that time.

I wish my life is like DJ-ing in Hitz.FM like JJ & Rudy. Then I will be more happy in my life.

Sometime i feel lonely too, whenever i want to talk to a friend, i can hardly find it. I dunno who should i call or chat. I know i have a bunch of CRAZY GANG beside me, but i cant find the reason why i cant talk to them the NIDDLE in my heart !~~~~~
Maybe few girl that i can talk to, but i cant offen talk to them, just in case of creating some MISUNDERSTANDING. I hope i can talk to them everyday, but that will not happen.

haiz... not having mood to blog already, beside my roommate is sleeping while i'm still on the light, have to off the light and sleep now.


Chee Hsien.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Glad !


I get 2As and 4Bs for 1st semester's exam.
I had never thought i will get B for Basic Quantative Studies.

One thing i have to said is, studying accounting course but account didnt get A.
haha !!
What a joke, but i glad i passed all.

My CGPA is 3.3333
Nice number. xD

Chee Hsien.