Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One of My Birthday Present

If I didn't post this up, those who sent me the present will kill me tomorrow. This is the present that were given by a group of friend which I mixed with for the pass few years. They was and is and will be the greatest friend I ever had! I'm standing here proudly to say these friends are great! Great enough to share everything but not mine girlfriend. They put their life before each other. Well sometime we did have some argument but so what? We're still friend after that. :P

Okey, back to the topic. I know many of you like this. Especially girls? Who don't like it? Tell me!

Walao! Is not 1, is not 2! Is 3! Three! Want me become fatter is it? Anyone help me finish it? Well, this present came along with a love note?

See? Since when I have a sister? For those who gave me present and I didn't post it, I'm sorry. I'm lazy. If I post some and some didn't post, it will be not fair and everyone will bagging me to post it to show that I really appreciate their gift! If not, my ear will always listen to the word, Not Fair! Not Fair! Not Fair! Like imin like to say to me, NOT FAIR!!!! I'm fair okey? So I not going to post! :P

Yay! Tomorrow Later I'm going for TGI Fridays' again! Spot me at Queensbay tomorrow! Treat you a drink if you ever meet me.

Chee Hsien

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