Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where Is Everybody?

Hey, is Chap Goh Meh! Where is everybody? I just went ronda-ronda with my dad and my grandma and of course without my brother. Hahaha. I went around Auto-City and guess what? Is quiet there! Lots of empty parking, starbucks is empty, bed has only one group of four people there. Needless to say, KFC is and was and will always the less people there. If you see crowded people in KFC, you can go home already because most of the restaurant will also FULL with people except the Hongkie Restaurant! Who wanna go Auto-City just to eat KFC? KFC is everywhere and the other is not! If you go for KFC, you are ______. (Fill in the blank for me =D)

Still the question, where is everybody? Girls that's single and looking for hubby went to throw mandarin into the river and the boys try to collect it? Muahaha... How about the couple? Those couple throw pineapple to get marry? Or banana? Apple? Grapes? DURIANs? Hahaha... Is Sunday night, normally this time will be traffic jam at Auto-City. Maybe there's some event held at somewhere I didn't know.

So, where is everybody? Okey, I'll stop asking. No more Chinese New Year means no more ang pow. What I'm gonna do with my ang pow money? Any Idea? Spend it? Keep in bank?

Happy Chap Goh Meh! Enjoy the last day of the New Year! Enjoy? I'm here blogging is enjoying? Haha..

Chee Hsien

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