Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Is A Blog?

This is just the first week of my 3rd semester and I already received my first assignment. Well, when Ms. KSN (stands for Su-Ning Kam, not KNS, KNS is Kanasai!) explain about the first 4 assignment, I was thinking, no wonder this is a 100% coursework subject la. I'll have to do Individual Presentation, Role-Play, Group Discussion and I forgot about the another ones. First thing went through my mind for Individual Presentation is about blog. I was thinking to use "What is a blog?" as my title. I need to explain what is a blog, the advantage and the disadvantage, and types of blog. She give we 20 question to choose and I don't like all of them, all I can think of is blog! So dear reader, I'll need your help. Please tell me what is a blog. I need your opinion. What can you do with blog? I'll very appreciate you help. Thanks in Advance.

My result for 2nd semester release. And I pass all subject!! Woohoo... I quickly access to my college web when it came to the time and have a view.

This is the screenshot.

Yeah, today is International Womens Day. Women cames first today. Women is the boss for the day. Muahahaha...

Help me with my assignment.
Chee Hsien

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