Sunday, March 04, 2007

Roti Canai Kosong That Made by Tissue

I just downloaded Mircosoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006 for temporary use. Only 30 days trial. Is not that good as Adobe Photoshop but is actually okey if I didn't try to do other nasty thing.

Yesterday night I went to a mamak stall and order a capati, but 2 minute later the waiter told me capati sudah habis. So I choose 2 roti kosong. I didn't expect it turn out like this.

He did put the "kua" on top without I request it. I want to change but they seems very busy cause got quite lots of people. Never mind, I eat! Is not that tasty after all. Me and my friend put a joke on it, make fun with it. It turn to this.

It really a tissue. No kidding! We made it!

It really looks like a roti canai la. I dare not to eat anymore. Imagine thats a tissue, how can you eat? I was thinking it look like shit more than tissue.

You named it ! Roti Canai? Tissue? Or Shit?

I will go to that mamak stall next time but I won't order Roti Canai anymore !

Well, my college starts 3rd semester tomorrow and I'm looking forward to meet my friend, but of course getting the exam result is not a thing I'm looking forward to.

Chee Hsien

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