Friday, March 02, 2007

5 Reason Why Chee Hsien Blog

Yeah, I got tagged by Warren. Just because of my finger can't get off my keyboard and asked for this trouble. Here I go...

1st Reason: I see friend blog and I follow them... Now I'm in love with my blog.

2nd Reason: 1st time visit Warren web and is so cool and decided to make my blog look cooler than him, but I can't.

3rd Reason: Some friends ask to update my blog when I wasn't do so. Then I blog some small things.

4th Reason: Make more friends??

5th Reason: Hahaha.. I can't find the last reason... Hmmm... Spending my boring time?

Yeah, finish. Well I don't know who to tag.

  1. miChi3

  2. scorpheuz

  3. Cedric Ang (got tagged d)

  4. minny (got tagged d)

  5. hA'o Ha'O

No idea...

Chee Hsien

2 burger(s):

- PC - said...

hey.. y u tag those tat got tagged d?? tag some1 else la.

btw thanks 4 linking me in ur page.

Chee Hsien said...

i dunno who haven't been tagged... haha...