Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is This A BBQ or Jungle Trekking?

My friend told me that they were going for a BBQ at Teluk Bahang. I thought it located at the seaside. So I just wear a slipper. When we reach there, I saw this.

Since when it become Taman Negara Pulau Pinang? I think it should be "Taman Negeri"! Those penang bloggers did came here last week right?

I thought it should be seaside. Mana tau, BBQ inside the jungle! Just a 10 minute "walk", this is the place they suggest to BBQ!

See those guy already have so much fun there.

Wanna know what's underneath?

This!! Yummy!

Finish it within 5 minutes.

Thats me with my camera. On the way back.

Snap some photo of the scenery and lazy to post it here..Maybe one.

Spot a monkey with his orange.

Thats a funny ones.

Waw... tired already, sleepy too.. Good Night!

Chee Hsien

2 burger(s):

aL said...

u bbq the whole chicken?!

i cant bliff you ppl. sigh.


Chee Hsien said...

we din bbq it.. we just left it underneath the ground then after 2 hours is done! easy job!!