Friday, March 16, 2007

Paper, Scissors, Stone!

We were at Greenlane Mcdonald last night. Our purpose is to discuss our role-play. When we came to the character. One of us(4 boys) will have to act a girl character. We came to the final decision that this two boys will be the finalist. One of them will act the girl. But the problem is, both of them also refuse to act it, so we came with this idea. We play by the rules. Whoever win 2 out of 3 rounds no need to act girl. This is what it happens.

Click here.

I was 1-0, then 1-1. Then you watch the result. Is very funny if you were on the scene. I can't stop laughing. Try to concentrate what they said. Once I started laughing, I just can't stop. Muahahaha....

Chee Hsien

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