Monday, March 05, 2007

Chinese New Year Is Over

Chinese New Year is over. What did you do during this festive season? Something good? Or something bad? Of course, gambling is a MUST. Hahaha.. But it still illegal.

We've been so happy even though we lose our money.

Okey okey.. Is over, won't talk about it anymore. Anyway, I just came back form college. Is the first day. First lecture was boring. Mr. Ong Peng Song! Si Peh Song! His Class bo song! Now I beh song! Walao eh, I don't know how he teach la, when I turn my head to the back, I guess most of the student were chatting. Maybe 1 or 2 people concentrating.

Just know that my English tutor will be Ms. Su-Ning Kam. She is nice, teach me before when I was in first semester. 3 days left to get the result. Oh My God! So fast!

Chee Hsien

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