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Malaysian Blogospshere Political Saga ::: ShoutOut With Nationwide Coverage

Do you guys still remember I blog about ShoutOut with nationwide coverage? Don't know? Click here! I told you, you won't regret joining us to have so much fun. Now I would like to tell you one of the fun that we had last week. I just copy and paste cause I lazy to write. But you must promise to that you read. Is really funny... AND THIS IS ONLY FOR A JOKE!!! Don't come and tell me, you are busted! Enjoy!

**Copy From Project010**


Harus diingat bahawa Dialog yang ditayangkan hanyalah rekaan semata-mata dan tujuannya disiarkan hanyalah untuk hiburan pembaca dan tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup, separuh hidup atau yang telah tidak hidup dan juga tidak ada kena mengena dengan sebarang jantina dan tidak ada maksud politik, tiada agenda tertentu dan tidak ada kena-mengena dengan sesiapa; jika pun ada hanya kebetulan sahaja dan jangan ambil kisah

It all started with a dream to score A in moral, then the current national issues came in and it ended up with great laughter. Read on the sexist and unlaughable jokes the shoutout Shouters cracked during one faithful evening. Click on READ MORE below to READ MORE

Dragon Head
: mampus.... my dream to score A in moral is totally gone.. I am too good for moral

Lasker: Get A++ instead .. yahoo

Itchy: haha to score A in moral,u have to be a bad bad boy

Dragon Head: so sad.. i wanted to go for the Presidentail Award.. cos of moral i will be getting the toilet bowl award

aL:ironically.. ppl very bermoral usually dont score for moral wan.. those tak berapa bermoral wan leh... hmmm

Dragon Head: Muakakaka.....!!! aL is speaking the truth thru experience

CY: Am surprised stupid moral is still here after all this time... :S

Dragon Head: yea.. and it will still be here till .........................

CY: It's supposed to change name to PENDIDIKAN MEMORY

Dragon Head: I am gonna elect CY to be Menteri Pendidikan d!!! lets vote him!!!

CY: Yay! Then I can go to parliment and make sexy remarks

Dragon Head: yea cool... Muakkaa... Vote for Tan Sri Datuk CY!!!!

aL:yalar. cos i got an A in SPM ma. hahahahha!

aL:see how bermoral i am?!

Itchy: I'm voting for CY also

Dragon Head: aL.. u wanna be opposition ar?

aL:err ya can? rocket!

Dragon Head: rocket people take d la... y dun u take piggy? i draw for u

CY: Cannot cannot! The logo will be haram. Heck, even the name will be haram in parliment!

CY: CY: "Tuan Pengerusi, saya nak tanya soalan kat Presiden Babi, aL" aL: "Apasai you panggil saya Baby? Sexist!!"

CY: CY: "Bertenang, bertenang. Nanti bumbung bocor..." aL: "Apa bocor? Lu diskriminate sama gua!"

Dragon Head: have to ask Presiden Babi AL to read this.. Hahaha

CY: In the background: "Yang Berhormat, duduk Yang Berhormat... Yang Berhormat, sila duduk..."

CY: *Presiden Babi aL mula angkat kerusi dan tunjuk taring*

CY: = Siaran tergendala. Harap maaf =

CY: And now... a short message from our sponsors...

Dragon Head: di sebalik tabir, seorang blogger DH telah me-record-kan drama ini... dan telah menge-post-kan kat blog untuk mata dunia. Muakaka

CY: "By the stroke of midnight, the whole nation will awake and switch on their computers... NOW! With nationwide coverage... ShoutOut. By Lasker."

Dragon Head: hahaha good one CY... hahaha

CY: The following preview is approved for all audiences.

CY: "Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?..."

Dragon Head: **applause**

CY: THIS MAY, Pirates of the Curry Bean

Dragon Head: CY ur making me laugh out of my underpants u know

CY: Kita ikuti semula siaran langsung dari Parlimen...

CY: aL: "You sumua sexist! I'll sue you!" CY: "Apa dei? Wa cuma kata lu sexy la..."

CY: In the background: "Yang berhormat, duduk yang berhormat... Yang berhormat..."

Dragon Head: hahaha

sukidayo: elo~~~~~~

Dragon Head: this is politics in the blogosphere

CY: aL: "Lu misti apologize sama gua dan seluruh wanita sumua!" *baling kerusi*

CY: *kerusi kena YB Suki, yang tengah tidur*

Dragon Head: sound effect " E.. O... E...O" cambulan datang!!!

CY: In the background: "Must apologize must apologize..." "Yang berhormat, tolong duduk yang berhormat"

Dragon Head: YB Suki no respon??? sudah mati ke???

Chee Hsien: OMG, I have to............. HISTORY!

**Pause On Copy**

The story didn't end here... More interesting continue... Click here to read the rest of the stories.. I'm sure you won't regret after reading it.. You will laugh so laugh until you fall off your chair! I promise... What are you waiting for? Click ! Click ! CLICK HERE ! Click here to generate one shoutout! If you need help from adding the shoutout, go and leave a message in shoutout that you need help. All the shouters are nice and friendly. :D

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bubbly soda said...

Why all the fun stuff happens when I am not there. so babifying u know

CRIZ LAI said...

Aiyo...mana kebocoran ni? Cari atas bawah pun tiada. Mesti Chee Hsien's seluar bocor. Nah...tengok dia...ada bukti tompok-tompok kebasahan atas seluarnya :P