Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stickers.... Stickers.... Stickers everywhere!

So this is the part 2 of The Orient's Voice I promised. The Shouters seem very excited for my post and keep asking me to blog about it. So here I am. After awhile, I forgot what time, every bloggers seem to have arrive. We were asked to fill in our blog URL and email.

Spot your URL?
This is just some of it. Go to to see all the list.

Beside that, we also need to write our URL on a sticker and stick it anywhere we like, you can stick it in your butt as well.

Standing from left : Sc_bone and Lance
Sitting from Left : Angeline and Lasker
They were trying to write down their URL.

We, the shouters, did something extra on it. We made our own sticker with our ShoutOut logo. Thanks to Lasker and Elise. Is a "HOME MADE" stickers okey? Kennysia came to our table and said is cute, he even asked for one.

This Angeline's style.

This is my style by stick it on my cap.

That's all for today. Next up, Meeting with Kennysia and some candid shot. Muahahaha

Chee Hsien

3 burger(s):

curryegg said...

Hello there. Looks like you've a great time. Cool!
And thanks for visiting my blogs. happy blogging!

aL said...

my url spotted! haha.

Aaron Chua said...

Syok sekali!
Too bad lah I didn't get to attend.