Saturday, June 09, 2007

ShoutOut - With Nationwide Coverage!

Do you have a shoutbox for your blog? I bet most of the blogger have right? You have it from cbox, shoutmix and..... Don't care! Those created from other country! Do you know that Malaysia, yes! I just SAID Malaysia! Well It suppose to be Penang! A Penangite had created a shoutout box! Malaysia not tak boleh after all. Ok, I just don't know how to get this started. Well, I just wanna share something to all my readers. Something which I think is really cool! Since you have been here, do you noticed something on my sidebar? I have 2 ShoutBox! One is my personal shoutbox and another one is what I wanted to share with you!

One thing that this ShoutOut is different from the other you had in your blog. This ShoutOut is like a Community. We can chat with other(who were not currently in your blog) from your own blog. Is like this, few of us having this ShoutOut in our own blog and we are able to those message(or shouts) from our own blog too. Let's say you posted a message in the ShoutOut from my blog, then you head to Project010 and you can see the same message you just wrote. Still don't believe? Go to Jennifer, aL, Nalini..... and the other to check it out!

Why we need this? Because my readers may get to know other blog's reader and engage in conversations which were never possible before. Your message will be live which means auto refresh. Have a look at it!

The first thing you might ask. Why the colour so geli one? FYI, you can change the colour! What colour you want? Is up to you! You got hundred to choose from!

Don't you think this is cool? No? Is not cool? This ShoutOut have one more thing that others don't have! This is very unique! What is it?

See? You may know what hot event is coming up within the next few days! When you feel boring and nothing to do during weekend, come and have a look at this, and find some place to go! You can read news here, exhibition and fair, some meet up, what movie is coming soon, and even birthday! Scroll down and you will see Sapiensbryan's birthday is coming soon!

Another question, who is man behind all this stuff? How come he/she came up with this wonderful thing? Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Lasker and Elise from! Come on lah, lets support ShoutOut ala Malaysia brand ones. Let's see who enrolled?

Oklah, tell you all one secret, this community will have monthly event one, we go outing every month. Wanna join us? Go add one shoutout onto your blog here!

Wah, is almost 3am already, I should sleep now! Night!

Chee Hsien

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AceOne118 said...

Cool shout box. I'm looking for free visitors counter where they display the flags wan. Any idea?

aL said...

shoutout rocks! yay!

Chee Hsien said...

aL : yaya!! rock!!