Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Speech By Me to ShoutOut

Second post of the day....



Kepada semua YB, to all that still alive, and half alive, and also to those who already not alive. To my beloved readers, my beloved haters, my friends, whoever that came across my little secret's blog and especially the SHOUTERS!!!

Lasker, would like me to give some speech in ShoutOut when I reach my 5000th shouts. As the first shouter reached the 5000th shouts, and also the first person that made history for being the first 1000th, 2000th, 3000th and 4000th shouts, 5000th shouts is a very high achieve for now. Lasker will very happy because his ShoutOut is becoming bigger and bigger and bigger.

I would like to start my so called speech.

Firstly, I would like to thank Lasker and Elise for created the ShoutOut. If wasn't for them, we won't have so much fun. SHOUTERS!! Do you agree??!! I really wanna say this for long time already, ShoutOut really made my day. No matter I'm hyper, or in a bad mood, once I come to ShoutOut, my mood will turn happily. This is because ShoutOut has all the funky-funky bloggers that we name all of them the Shouters! I bet you can see during The Orient's Voice, we make so much noise, even the MC said, Shouters make some noise!! On the another way, I didn't meet the shouters before, we were just shout is ShoutOut for over the month only. But when we met at FoodLoft, we just felt like we're already close friend. We said "hi", then we talk like what we usually do in ShoutOut. The way we talk, the way we fooling, the way we joking. We really bring the Virtual Life into the Real Life. How cool can that be?? SHOUTERS ROCK!!

Perhaps you will ask, how in the world I came across this ShoutOut? I can tell you, is a fate! Somehow, but I don't know how, but somehow, I added. I knew I came across aL's, PC's and Nalini's blog and saw the same thing. I was wondering how can that be and given it a try. So now here I am, the ShoutOut has finally formed a community, a small community that made my day brighter and brighter day by day. I wonder how I can surpass the live without shouting in ShoutOut. During the time I added ShoutOut, it was only a few blogs have it, not even more than 10 okey? I'm the sixth blogger that added. But NOW, it is about 55 bloggers had it. OMG, I don't know about it until I counted for it. Maybe you will ask why in the hell I like ShoutOut so much? I can't tell you here. It is for you to find out.

This ShoutOut, Cedric said is a software that never sleep. I'm afraid is true. The only time that we really sleep is during 4am-6am. Shouters need rest too right? But 6am-4am, we shout non-stop. I think I just got myself addicted, and so for the others. Whenever the time it is, sure got shouter reply there.

I can tell you, this is just the beginning. It hasn't reach the very top yet. I got this feeling that we're will have more fun in the future. We're are currently planning a monthly event. For the month of July, we will going to Pantai Kerachut. Next next month will have something going on... We might going to KL as well to meet up the shouters and bloggers from KL. If it is possible, I was thinking traveling around Malaysia but the problem is I don't have money.

Who know? Someday ShoutOut's community and Nuffnang's Community might combine and held an event and made history for the HOTTEST & the LARGEST BLOGGERS' MEET ever in the world! Who knows?

Lastly, I really want to say thank you all the Shouters for making my day so high that I couldn't ask for more. And also for da MAN and LADY behind this ShoutOut! Cheers!

So you think you can SHOUT??

And if you wanna join ShoutOut community, all you have to do is click here to add a ShoutOut in your blog and shout "AYE!". You are now officially a Shouter! For more information about ShoutOut, please head over to

End of the post, I think some of you might don't know what this post about. Nevermind, is okey, this post is meant for Lasker, Elise and all the Shouters!

Chee Hsien

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satkuru said...

panda kidnapper !

hahaha kongratulasi :D

CRIZ LAI said...

It is illegal to own a Panda, especially a BLUE one. Haha...anyway congrats and all the best in becoming the LOUDEST of all shouters.

Lasker said...

*clap clap clap* Kamtungnyaaa .. your speech is the best! And its going to be the best for many months/years to come.

Man .. we (Lasker and Elise) are touched that we really did help make a difference.

Remember, Shouters forever!

Elise said...

One word: Gantong!!! (mandarin) as lasker said.
Thanks! and I appreciate it.

Chee Hsien said...

satkuru: what kidnapper? lasker give me wan.. muahhahaha

Criz lai: thank you thank you..

Lasker and Elise: You guys the best! thanks for everything!

Sae Wei said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICE KACANG ON YOU YAH......

Chee Hsien said...

saewei: ice kacang w/o ice w/o kacang can? :D

K.Kim said...

U really deserve the Best Shouter award! Congrats. What's your dirty secret ah?