Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meeting Kennysia

During the nuffnang community gathering, The Orient's Voice. Kennysia was the attention. Wherever he walk passed, everyone will ask to take photo with Kennysia. Of course me too la..

Kennysia and Me!!

One of the activities was Cedric interviewed Kennysia. I sat just right in front of them :D

I can get better shot while interviewing. One of the funniest part is Daniel comes out and want Kenny's leg hair for charity. He doesn't want it, but later he did it.

Kenny's Sexy Leg

Nicole cutting Kenny's bulu..

Certified! :D

All from leg, arm, chest and eyebrown.

Kenny was friendly, he walk around and took picture with us. I learn something important from the interview. Wait for next post...... by today.

Chee Hsien

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