Monday, April 02, 2007

What Will Happen Tomorrow?

Who knew what will happen tomorrow. God knows but God can't give us the answer. I just knew that one of my friend's friend, passed away yesterday. He is from TARC too. Studying DIA from School of Art & Science. Don't ask me what's his name cause I don't even know. I don't know what actually happened, but I heard that he was driving back to his hostel from his hometown and caught in an accident. His family said it occur in one of the highway and I don't know which. Last week, he was still able to play DotA with bunch of his friend and went lepak around the taman here. But now...

His friend called up his cellphone and his sister answered. She said his brother caught in the accident and his friend reply "April Fools is over d la, stop making jokes". After about 1 hour I think, they called again and this time, his eldest brother was crying and said that he passed away. Now they believe. If it was you, would you believe it as a jokes?

So whatever, my purpose of writing this post is to let you all know. We have to do what we want to do. Be happy always, we don't know what will happen, maybe you can't be that happy tomorrow. Did you guys read Boss Stewie blog? Just a few minute, his friend crashed into a wall! A seconds can be sweet as a sweet and the next seconds can turn into horror! Play like today never ends and tomorrow never comes!

May him rest in peace!
Chee Hsien

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aL said...

boss stewie's friend is a girl. not guy. heh!

May him rest in peace! is not correct lah. that's the words for those who died already...

Chee Hsien said...

okok.. U get it wrong..
The person really passed away. Not boss stewie's friend.