Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fooooooooooood Loft.

Where can you see this?

Yeah, is here.

I have a 4 and a half hours break today. My classmate decided to go for a walk cause they can't go home. Then we invited our lovely part-time lecturer to go for a lunch with us. This is the place she wanted to go. We don't have idea, so just followed.

Our table number is 25. Now I'm gonna show you the food that we ordered. Those who are hungry are strongly advise not to read on. You are advised to fill in your stomach before see this photo below. At lease have some Instant Noodle. :P Okokok. Let's get started. First, don't ask me for the name of the food. I forgot all the name. Sorry. Click photo for larger view.

I think this is Ais Kacang.

This is Cappuccino.

I remember this name. :P

That's all. :D And the total we spend there is...

Have a nice day.
Chee Hsien

3 burger(s):

Jolenesiah said...

woah... so expensive.. how many person there?

the food look yummy that make me feel hungry now

by the way thanks for dropping in ... :D:D:D:D

AceOne118 said...

The foods are really drolling. Err! the first pic..what is that? keke

Mischique said...

Ohh..Food loft has an amazing array of food. Price is not too bad for such a nice ambiance.