Sunday, April 22, 2007


Dear readers, bloggers and friends,

Hsien's Dirty Little Secret will be suspended from my mind. This is because my final exam start this Tuesday and I'm gonna be so fucked-up with it. Although this semester I only have one subject for the exam, but I don't think it is easy. I take another external exam from UBS company. I don't care about it cause it's external, pass is good, fail is okey. It won't hurt my CGPA. My aim is to get a 3.6, so that I can get scholarship. Hahaha... How bad would it be? I don't know lar. I get 3.4 so far. If it possible, 3.8 will be better. Hahaha... I won't get that result if I didn't study right. I'll be back within one week I guess. I'll finish my exam on Wednesday, but my classmate says wanna go for a trip or you can says jalan-jalan in Penang. Wait for my return and keep spamming my tagboard or some of you say it as chatbox or shoutout box. Whatever it is, best of luck to me and all Tarcians.

My next post will be something about PDRM and maybe will post up those photo for my trip in Hometown. Wish me luck.

Chee Hsien


I've finish my exam and I'm in holidays now! Woohoo! Thanks for all this wishes, no matter in the comment, in the chatterbox or SMSes! I really appreciate it! Thanks again!

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Rabbit said...

Good luck in exams! Come back as soon ya! =p

aL said...

wei good luck ahhh! =)

erlynda said...

GOOD LUCK...!!!! :D

ItchyHandseng said...

Good Luck in ur examz.
Haha nowzz ur turn
hahaha :P