Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day?

First of all, I'm not feeling very well this few days. Headache is killing me, and stomach-ache too. Countless "lou sai" each day! Today is April Fool's day and I don't have to mood to prank on anyone. Some of my friend did try to prank call me but they weren't success. Is not to say that I'm smart enough to figure it out who you are, just your voice can't even change! Congrats you tried! Hahaha.. Maybe I should act that you really got me on the phone and let you happy a while! Come on la, you can do it better! Better try next time. I'm looking forward for you to got me! You can do it better! At here, in my blog, in this post, I welcome everyone challenge me! Hahaha... Yeah I'm out of my mind! I just search on the internet and found the Top 10 Worst April Fool's Day! Maybe you can check it out! Heres the link.

Okey, yesterday I went to Victoria Station to have dinner with my friends to celebrate hA'o Ha'O birthday. But yesterday was not his birthday, just we celebrate earlier. His birthday falls on 2nd of April. Too bad, I don't have any photo to show! I'm lazy to tell you about what had happened. So check out birthday boy's blog for some information. Hahaha..

Happy Belated Birthday wish to Ss on 29th March.
Happy "Coming" Birthday to hA'o Ha'O.

Chee Hsien

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