Friday, April 27, 2007

A Saman??

Few weeks ago, my friends receive a letter from police. Sent to his house and after opened it, he knew is a saman. He was thinking, he didnt ride his bike for a long looooong time, but how can he get this ticket without riding it? He keeps on asking his friend did he ride his bike on that day? He can't remember. I read it and ask, Where the hell is Jalan Tun Sambatan 4? Few days later, I accompany him to the police station and investigate and the police told us, is in Kuala Lumpur!! KNNMCH!! He didn't touch the bike for so long that's impossible he can ride his bike to KL!! Whatever it is, he never ride the bike to anywhere out of Penang.

How can this happening? Shame on the PDRM! Simply sent saman to peoples! WTH lar! Didn't they check properly? What a shame! Make my friends more busy to go and check it. We can't check in Penang cause the place is not in Penang. Have to go down to KL to check! I'm getting mad with this! I don't know what my friend gonna do about this.

Shame on Malaysia Police!
Chee Hsien

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kahpeng said...

not police fault la, i think ur fren plate number so "heng" let ppl clone n use fake plate at KL. police won't know u got go KL or not, ask ur fren go lodge a report at nearest MCA or police station 2 investigate these matter.

Note: i read at newspaper b4, case related like plate num or IC being used by other ppl and get saman or etc, those MCA can help 1 =)

ItchyHandseng said...

My dad cars also kena before la.The place that kena saman is in Johor.8 hours from PG.SWT

fattien said...

This was so bad!!! I think I agree what Kahpeng said and that were few similiar case happen before. I really hate them too...stupid !!!

Chee Hsien said...

kahpeng : Hope u said was right. i'll try to talk to my friend.

itchyhandseng : how ur dad settle it?

fattien : i think not few case, maybe a lot of case like this happened. Just nobody complain only. haiz..

bubbly soda said...

Seriously, i think someone used his plate number for illegal stuff. So don't fume just yet. Anyways, they should have a better system so that people won't have to go through all the hassle to check.

Chee Hsien said...

Yupe!! waste ppl time to check lar.. haiz..