Tuesday, April 03, 2007

GMail's Prank on April Fool's Day!

Wow! GMail! I don't know you guys know about it or not. GMail put a prank on their web while user signing in to their mail account.

New! GMail Paper

Man! I did try to look up for the icon that day but I can't find it then I don't care about it already. When I sign in yesterday they said it was a April Fool's Jokes. Hahaha.. I can't believe it.

Well prepared!

A well-known Google company in the world put a prank on the internet! Man! I still can't believe it!

Looks like someone got me!
Chee Hsien

2 burger(s):

Rabbit said...

Eh!? gmail did that? Woah!!!

Chee Hsien said...

cant believe huh?