Sunday, April 15, 2007

My First Model. xD

I was bored yesterday, sitting in front of my laptop, reading blogs, listen to song, blogging. Suddenly my friend asked me to Queensbay, so I followed la.

Not very sure what we wanna do, so we went to TGI Friday for late lunch or you can say early dinner. Hahaha.. Well, my first time went there. Every time I want to try, it's so crowded. I didn't have the chance until yesterday. The price also not so bad. Hahaha..

First I thought that's a EGG. Now I know is a LEMON!

Sorry, didn't focus very well.

After that, walk around and nothing to do. Went to the seaside. People dating there and I was there kap-siao, laughing!

Then, I accidentally snapped the photo below.

Don't look at the "Model". It'll look better if she smile a bit!
I like this photo. I named her, My First Model. Hahaha..

Signing off.
Chee Hsien

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Rachael said...

ehhehe... :)
im hungry....