Monday, April 30, 2007

Bah Kut Teh!

Last Saturday, I'm on the road along Raja Uda looking for Bah Kut Teh! Went to the first place behind NetZero 2 and guess what? Is closes. Drive along the road to the end and found one opposite the Caltex Petrol Station. Parked our car and walked toward it. Can't wait to taste it already. Is almost 9pm. Suddenly, the boss told us, NO MORE!! HABIS!! BO LIAO!! Walao!! I have no idea where to find Bah Kut Teh!! We have to catch up a movie in Megamall at 11.45pm. Decided to go to Chai Leng Park. Called some friend, fetch them and is already 9.45pm! First time had my dinner at 10pm! Finally!

Didn't take photo d, faster eat cause damn hungry! I should snap with the meat! Don't care about it! Eat!! Eat!! Eat!! Reach Megamall at 11.15pm and watched The Hills Have Eyes 2.

Picture from here.

Tomorrow is my 19th birthday!! Please give me present!! Hahahahaha..

Chee Hsien

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hA'o Ha'O said...

wah lao.. changed to chai leng park dun inform me ar? bo chai i gone to find u guyz behind Netzero 2.. (but it closed) lolzz

nuclear said...

wahh~~~ ur bah kut teh look so so so fillin..ehhe!! if u like bah kut teh, im sure u'll like yam rice too, right? hehehe.. i recommend u to go chai leng park's Kuan Nam eh yam rice. nice nice. but if u ever come to BM, you'll have to HAVE taman sentosa's yam rice.. yummy~~

AceOne118 said...

Chun! I like bak kut teh also.

Mischique said...

Hey Happy Birthday in advance!!!

Wahh..everybody's blog seem to be writing about food. Damn..make me hungry onlyyyyy!

erlynda said...

eh... wai sek kai got 2 stalls selling bak kut teh. hahaha. i just had one on sunday. yum...

and today is your birthday!!!

happy birthday chee hsien!

Chee Hsien said...

nuclear : one day i go there try.. just someday. :P

aceone118 : Lolx..

mischique : More food in the future and where is my present??!!!

erlynda : thx.. :D