Sunday, July 15, 2007


My one and only brother,

I know you read my blog sometimes and sometimes not. But If you happen to read this, which I really really hope you read. I don't know how to start. I know we don't talk much. Somehow I just wanna let you know, I really need you! I don't talk much, I have be brave now, I need to talk with you, I won't let this family get destroyed by my shyness. I'm brave enough now to tell you that


I beg you, can you please just come home every weekend and talk to grandma and daddy? If Brenda or Jolene or whoever close to my bro happen to read this, can you help me? I really can't bear it anymore! I don't know what to do! Once I come home, she sat in her room, he gone out, sometimes sleeping in room and I just sitting in living room and I got nothing to do! I'm all alone! Nobody accompany me beside those Shouters and some Bloggers. Thanks god that I have this bunch of Shouters to cheer me up and support me all the time. They made me feel love. If wasn't for them. I would really drive my car go out and crash with a container, lorry, bus or whatsoever that can makes me lie in hospital! She scolded him, she cries, he get scolded and don't know what did he did wrong, he cries. She complain to me, he scolded me! WHAT THE HELL did I done wrong? I just sitting here blogging or shouting whole day and I never speaks a words! Being quiet still get scolded, I speak up just now and I still get scolded! WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO??!! I really can't bear it anymore! My mind gonna explode soon! Somehow I wish that I can be like you and stay in your hostel and come back once a month or maybe more! I know you need to study, BUT I NEED TO STUDY TOO!! Why is nobody cares about me??!! I already good enough that I didn't leak anything that I was not suppose to say. Arrgghhh... Is this a test from god? Why god choose me to be in this? I don't wanna get involve! I just want a simple and happy family! Even if we're poor, as long as we're happy! Now you got money but you have the worst family. What's the fun part now? I really need bro to be in this home all the times and listen to grandma what she said. I can't receive anymore!


I got test, my exam coming soon, I got assignment, I got NO TIME! Dad is extremely good enough, he gave us everything, just he want us to ask from him. Grandma is the one that making this worst! She is asking too much! I just hope you come back helping to get this thing right! I can't do anything, you're the only one I can hope.

I don't know..... I just need you to be in this home. I don't know what I can do, or what should I do? Or should I just call someone to kill me! WHO CAN I CALL FOR HELP??!! WHO WILLING TO HELP ME??!! WHEN WILL THIS COMES TO AN END??!!

Chee Hsien

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Adelene said...

Cheer up, being in the middle of two person you love most is difficult. I know, just remember, we are all gonna be here for you, anytime, anywhere. Smile & tomorrow will be a better day. You shouldn't bear all the pain to yourself. That is very wrong.

Smile alright? Don't do anything silly :] Shouters will always be here for you!

iEn said...

woo.. don't be mad.. be patient :|

sc_Bone said...

house house got a book hard 2 read eh bible
[sendri translate 2 cantonese/mandarin]

every hse got their own family prob, mine's too! but the tragedy/disaster that happens is the 1 making the family-bond closer

may the SO be with u
SO is ALWIZ be with u

Lasker said...

hugiesss for CH.
Family problems are one of the worst kind. If friends 'pitt' us, you can recover much faster. Even if gf 'pitt' us, we also can recover much faster.

Family problems will heal over time. Which means one thing, power through it. Let it run .. feel the pain, learn the lessons, then when you are an adult with your own family, swear to yourself you will never repeat the same mistake.

Which this thinking, for sure you will feel much better and will go through this tough times easier.

Hugs from ShoutOut (Lasker and Elise)

nana said...

just get to know more about you no more than 1 weeks .. yet u r pretty lucky .. got a branch of shouters with u .. so not to worry .. everything will goes smooth .. cheer it up !!
life just goes once .. and it is no a joke .. so don't bang the wall ..

Jean said...

I'm having same problem like yours~
my younger brother, never come home since my family shifted to Seremban..
Maybe he's busy working to earn money but I really think he need to come home, at least once a month to let my parents know he's still alive.. but he never..
My dad is so disappointed, and i can do nothing to make it right..
What I can do is just remind my brother to call back home sometimes, and greet my parents on some special events~
Hope your brother will get your message soon, and come home to share your problems..

conan_cat said...

well i guess all the encouragement is given, and i guess what you need most now is replies from your brother. let's pray that your brother will get the message, and listen to what he had to say k? :)

of course, as what is stated upstairs, shouters will always be with you :)

Anonymous said...

every cloud has its silver lining.
sun will shine after every stormy days.
smilez and keep going on.I'm sure most of the shouters will definitely be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on; a back to lean against; or ears to listen to u.
*too serious keh??*
part timeeeeeeeee baby D is here for you o!!!!

chefkhuen said...

well chee hsien...
i dunno what to say to u but..
"everything happens for a reason and there is a reason for everything that happens"

this is what i believe and it got me thru thick and thin...

if u ever need someone to get a drink or 2.. feel free to call me( u have my number d)

my ears are urs and my time is urs to share... thats what frens are supposed to do...

Chee Hsien said...

adelene, thx! u know me more than the others.

ien, i'm waiting.. still waiting.. thx..

bone, i hope it will end! thx

lasker, i wont do that ever! thx for everything! thx for created this SO community! thanks alot!

nana, yes! nice meeting u.. i should appreciate my life.. thx :D

jean, my bro does come back.. but less. i just want him to back often.. thx.. :)

conan, thx. i really hope he see this.. and reply to me...

Baby D, thank you. *touched & kisses*

Chef, yay! wont get thru without friends... thx!

Dear Shouters, I really really touched about the comment u gave, thx for the support, thx for everything, u guys made my day, at least i know still got ppl supporting me, ready to give me a hand when I'm down. Thanks for spending time listening. *huggies*

Anonymous said...

I should not interfere with your family affair. All that I can do is to give u moral support, by leaving you this comment. And because it is a family problem, I cant actually help much. I cant suggest you what to do.

It is all depends on you. So stand up. Your family still needs you. This problem still needs to be solved by you.

Shouters will always be by your side, supporting you all the time. Even shouters like me who are from other places will also be with you.
So cheers, pal.
May tomorrow be a sunny and nice day for you.

Always supporting you,

Sae Wei said...

Chee Hsien dear... what ever happens, please remember that5 you have all of us by your side. *Huggies and Kisses*

hA'o Ha'O said...

no matter wat happen,

we're always! willing! to be there for u.. if u wan to

Cheer up dude.. everything is gonna be ok..

=jaecywong= said...

i'm always here for u~

pikey said...

hope your bro understand how important he is to the family and he will be like a missing jigsaw puzzle waiting to complete a beautiful picture...

Chee Hsien said...

Alvin, hey, thanks for support all the way from selangor.

Saewei, yes, shouters rock!

hao, of course i want! :P

Jaecy, yay! thx!

Pikey, yes! thats the one! thx!