Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good Bye Angeline!

There she goes. She has went back to KL after her holiday ends. Of course! Shouters will do something before she go back. So we have Angeline's Farewell. :D

We set on 4th of July if I'm not wrong. My class suppose to end at 8pm and they met at 7.3opm. That day I some more got test, so I finish half of my test then drive to Gurney Plaza to meet them at 7.10pm. What bloggers do first? CAMWHORE!!

The first group photo of the day.

Notice something from the photo above? Most of us wore red.

The red shouters!

Okey lar, I will cut some story. We guys catch the story through here, here, here, and..... others la. I forgot who blog about it already.

We suppose to go New Zealand Seafood to have dinner but Angeline took us go Holan!! So we end up at Kim Gary. As usual la, shouters always the loudest no matter where we go.

So we talk talk talk... laugh laugh laugh... LICK LICK LICK...

Cedric with his bloody joke all the times!

We laugh until all the shop closed, then we didn't go home la. Of course CAMWHORE! :D

Another group photo.

Sorry these few days I was lazy for blog hopping. Sorry if I didn't visit your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog. I very appreciate that. I'm not in the mood for blogging these days, you can see my entry quite short. Need to sign off now! Keep visiting my blog :P Cheers!

Chee Hsien

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