Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to open my door from inside??!!

Okey, I skipped my lecture and come home for the purpose of complete my IT assignment. I have the ideas in my mind when I'm driving home.

Well, my car is in "hospital", so I have to drive my dad's car for one week. His car is huge and my hostel's parking lot is so tiny! I can hardly park when there is car beside. I have to turn in out in out in out many times to get the position right! JUST NOW, I susah susah parked my car and this is the first time I parked my car so nicely and guess what? Got one niamah motorcycle park beside me and I CAN'T EVEN OPEN MY DOOR!!!!!

I have to climb to the passenger side to open the door! Unfortunately, I accidentally poured a bottle of water inside the seat and now the seat is all wet! Now, I'm so pissed off and I forgot all my ideas!

To whoever that did this all the times, please be aware you can make a different.

Chee Hsien

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Lasker said...

HAhahahaAHAHah ...
You ideas has gone like the water in the bottle! :)

danielctw said...

Aiyoh, before u leave open the window, pour some water on the bike seat

benjipapa said...

cant move tat bike meh? they lock the wheel hor?? nest time throw ur car's rubbish on the bikes basket..hahahaha..nyek

=jaecywong= said...

nia mah!! go n move the motorcycle lar... if scratch get also dun care la... tai chi la.. the fella's problem ma.. u should put a warning letter to the owner mar.. hhaha like nicole like tat

hA'o Ha'O said...

put a piece of paper there with some words like,


like wat u got last time..


colleen said...

wei wei got number plate!!
kia kia..we go remove his tyre..
*evil grin* muahaha..

spookygrace said...

jus push that motor away.. or..vandalise it.. (keke)

Chia Mimi said...

Maybe it was an European
(excluding England) bikerider,
cause here the wheel is on the left side of the car ;)

Anston said...

Wow, another MORRON motorcylics! Tak ada otak punya!!

I will write "GO TO HELL" on a A4 paper & PASTE on the number plate :D

iCalvyn said...

bro..u should bang the bike, make the tayar pamcit...kekekeke

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