Wednesday, July 11, 2007

12 Layer of me!

I was tagged by Xyann. Sorry for the superb late.

Layer One : On The Outside
Name -- Chee Hsien
Date of Birth -- 1st May 1988
Current Status -- Single and AVAILABLE :P
Eye Colour -- Black?
Hair Colour -- Black! :D
Righty or Lefty -- Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage -- Chinese - Hokkien
Your Fears -- NO SHOUTOUT!!!!
Your Weakness -- I can't live without ShoutOut
Your Perfect Pizza -- That one that cooked :P

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up -- Where is my cell phone?
Your Bedtime -- Not sure wan la, but for sure is after midnight :P
Your Most Missed Memory -- Secondary school!

Layer Four : Your Picks
Pepsi or Coke -- Both!
McDonald's or Burger King -- Aiks... Need to ask? :D
Single or Group Dates -- Group! Shouters when wanna hang out?
Adidas or Nike -- Fila can? :D
Tea or Nestea -- Milo!
Chocolate or Vanilla -- Mix!! :P
Cappucino or Coffee -- Ermm.. Plain water can? :D

Layer Five : Do You...
Smoke -- NEVER!!! AND WON'T!!
Curse -- Curse the mother who killed her daughter!!!
Take a shower -- Who doesn't??
Think you've been in love -- Holy crap!!
Go to school -- College is a school?
Want to get married -- Play first... Muahahaha..
Believe in yourself -- Sometimes...
Think you're a health freak -- Hahahahaha..

Layer Six - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol -- Errr... Last week?
Eaten sushi -- Of course la!
Dyed your hair -- Nope.

Layer Seven : Have You Even...
Played A Stripping Game -- Who wanna join me? Muahahaha
Changed Who You Were To Fit In -- I like who I am now!!

Layer Eight : Age
You're Hoping To Be Married -- Why got a question like that wan? Depends la.. :D

Layer Nine : In a Girl / Guy
Best Eye Colour -- Colour like me.
Hair Colour -- Same as mine!
Short hair or Long Hair - Same as mine for guys! Muahahahah... I'm the best! Bleuk..

Layer Ten : What Were You
Doing1 min ago -- Shouting in ShoutOut!
1 Hour ago -- Searching for my car key!!
4.5 Hours ago -- Sleeping :P
1 month ago -- Studying in class
1 year ago --Same as above!

Layer Eleven : Finish the sentence
I love -- ShoutOut and myself!
I feel -- like dying when ShoutOut is down!
I hate -- ShoutOut is not up to shout!
I hide -- my sadness
I miss -- Shouters!!!!
I need -- to SHOUT!! Muahahahahaah everything about ShoutOut!!

Layer Twelve : Tag Five People

1. Every reader of my blog!
2. Anyone
3. I just lazy to tag people.
4. You can do it as u like
5. Enough already??

Chee Hsien

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K.Kim said...

You must be ShoutOut's biggest fan. Just pray that ShoutOut won't shut down for repairs again or u're sure to go berserk! argggggh *pulls hair*