Saturday, July 21, 2007

All In One Tag!

Hmmmmm... Cedric tagged me 8 random facts, and Criz tagged me 6 weird things about me. I know there are still other bloggers tagged me with some quite familiar meme. So I won't do one by one. I made it 10 things about me which is mixed with random, weird, and whatever you tagged me. Sorry wei, I still got one Cheesie's meme to be done lar. That one super hard wei. Kesian me please. :(

Okey don't waste time. I'm very tired now.

First, I'm a Labour Day boy! I was borned on 1st of May 1988. Sorry to my mother that she have to tahan all the pain to give birth to me when everyone else is having holiday for Labour Day! Now, everyone gets HOLIDAY when it is my birthday! Everyone means the WHOLE WORLD!

Second, I can always being emo anytime, anywhere. I don't know why, wherever I went, whatever I'm saw, it let me think a lot of things. It sometimes bring me back into memories I had and that makes me easily daydreaming.

Third, I don't know how to console people who is in emo but people can easily console me when I'm emo. When people sad, they came to me, I don't know how but some how, they smile when they leave. I spent my time listening to their problem, yeah I'm a good listener and I never leak anythings they said to me. I even make jokes with their problem and they wouldn't mind even they crying. So this means, I can only making jokes for you to laugh and smile, listening to your problem but will never solve your problem. Sometimes if you having the problem I had before, I can try to help up by telling you my experience. In the end, it is up to you for making the right decision.

Forth, Just to clarify, my mother passed away when I was 16. I won't mind if you guys asking my mother as I take it that you don't know she passed away. I accepted the fact the she left us behind and will never come back. I promise I will never be sad for what is over and just to be glad that she was once my mother.

Fifth, I love McDonald so much. You ask me why and I couldn't answer you. I just simply love it. I can had it twice a day and 7 days a week. I just won't bored with it. You ask Mr. Ronald Mcdonald why? Did he curse me?

Sixth, My father bought me a Proton Savvy for me after I get my car license. I take good care for the first few month. Now I just don't care. Is dirty inside and I really meant it! My dad wash for me but only wash the outside. It is like a rubbish inside! I wonder why I can bear with those rubbish? My car fetch my books or papers more than human. I got all my book at the back seat. This is because after I finish my class, I just dump it into my car. I never do revision until the last minute.

Seventh, I flirt with girls. Not every girls. I'm flirting with lots of girls. You can ask any girls! They will answer you yes! I don't know why? I'm horny? :D

Eighth, I'm quiet in nature. You see me quiet for the first time, maybe the second times too. If you ask my friend from my secondary school or my classmate in TARC, they will faint if you tell them that I'm quiet! If can be totally second person if I'm with people that I know for sometimes. Hang out with me more, I can be second Cedric :D Thats why I'm the noisiest in ShoutOut? Who knows?

Ninth, I'm obsessed with photography. I have a DSLR. I don't think I took great photo. I try my best to take every single thing around me. Some said I took great photo. I wanna say thank you. I don't have a camera now, my lens rosak! I'm not a professional photographer, I'm just at the beginning of level one stage.

Tenth, At last. Someone "forced" me to do this. I have no choice but to follow her order! Baby D!! SHE MADE ME DO THIS!! BABY D!!!!!!! Please forgive me...

I can't believe I did this!

There goes the tag. Sorry.

Chee Hsien

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benjipapa said...

Hsien Heart Adelene..horrrrrrr later the 'D' see how??? haha..kesian CH

Anston said...

Woah~ Kampade dude!!!

Chee Hsien said...

benji, i edited :P

anston, hahahah... thx?? hhahaha

sc_Bone said...

i cant wait to see "D"-factor 2 chop u
D = Demolition !


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

hey.. i think u can go be Mac's spokeperson liao.. and for being spokeperson, 1 year unlimited supply of Big Mac!lol