Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm so touched by Shouters

What happen if the sky gonna falls right on top of you? What is your first react? Let me tell you something, I just need to stand up and try to push the sky and the ShoutOut members a.k.a. Shouters will right behind me, supporting me until the sky finally goes back on top.

Shouters just simply amazing. They are priceless friends! Have a look at my previous post's comment. 13 out of 16 are from shouters. They showed that they care, showed their support, showed their love in many different ways. Whenever I need help, they could just standing beside me.

Just yesterday, Minny was awaken by some anonymous' SMS and said someone just passed away. Maybe that person just accidentally typed wrong number. She worried, told me about it and I send a message to that person. That person didn't reply and I started to worry too. I was in class and I can't make a phone call to check out. I SMS everyone instead. Shouters cool, they replied immediately except those who are still asleep that time, or didn't top up their phone. My phone almost exploded that time cause my phone can't support to receive so many message at one time. Some could just called up and helped me. It was like awaken all the bloggers from sleeping. They calling each other..... argh..... I don't know how to explain. Finally we found out that the person still alive and standing still! I might be a prank, but I tell you, whoever came with this jokes, THIS AIN'T FUNNY OKEY??!! I don't know wasted how many bucks for those SMSes.

If it was a prank, it was a good prank. This prank showed that we care for each other. They are simply amazing.

They are cool! They rocks! I don't mind waste another few bucks to make a dedication for them. The other night, I made a dedication in 8TV Jukebox!

Oh ya, I forgot one :D

And this! Muahahahah..

Photo taken by Adelene.

P/S My DSLR lens just burned out after The Orient's Voice. So I don't have much photo for some post this few weeks. I try to get a new lens as soon as possible. Sorry.

Chee Hsien

9 burger(s):

Elise said...

Shouters are caring!

I missed the Jukebox fun ler...

ItchyHandseng said...

Long Live Shout Out.Although i dun get to shout much nowadayz,connection sux.

K.Kim said...

migrate your shouting to tv now? fuyoh!

=jaecywong= said...

haha shoutout rox!!!!!!!

AceOne118 said...

Yeah-man! at times i rec'd this kind of prank sms too.

Chee Hsien said...

Elise, yay!! Shouters rockS!!!

itchy, pity.. u missed a lots of fun!!

k.kim, hahahhaha.. u can try also.. is fun!!

Jaecywong, yes yes yes!!

AceOne118, tiok che kia la.. not funny... makes ppl worry only..

JJzai said...

fuyoh!!!!!!! tak ade invite me sms together in tv pun!

erlynda said...

once a shouter, forever a shouter~~~ we share ur happiness and despair... don't forget, we are all F-A-M-I-L-Y!

Sae Wei said...

OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shouters ROX man!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so damn proud to be a part of it..