Sunday, July 01, 2007

A suprise for Baby D

So after we finish the camwhore. We decide somewhere to go. We all went separate. Lasker, Elise, Cedric, Erlynda, Suki and me went for something special. We went to GAMA! A very old supermarket. I think is hypermarket more than a supermarket. It is very old. I haven't been there for many many years as I can't remember.

So, Baby D is a shouter from ShoutOut. She had to work at GAMA thats why she couldn't attend The Orient's Voice. Okey, I know I crap a lots. When we reach there, we faster go search for twisties section. hahahah. We don't know which is her cause we never met her before but she was the only girl that wearing a twisties shirt. She had the sad and boring face. I think she was shocked cause so many people suddenly pointing at her then approach her. After Lasker told her, she turned to a happy and not boring face. Hahaha..

"Twisties twisties... anyone want??"

She ar... Likes to camwhore...

Hey, you know you're working?

I been forced to buy a pack of twisties.

Lasker bought one, Elise bought one, Elynda bought one, Cedric bought 2, Suki bought 4 and I bought one. Total kena forced buy 10 pack. Hahaha..

We so good, accompany her have dinner buy she show me this face.

Actually she was trying to pose for me la. hahhahaha

She love the phone and promise won't flush it again. Ooooppss...

Candid Shot?? :D

I'm talking a lots of crap these few days. I haven't have the photo of my prize I get that day. It still in my cousin's camera because my EOS 300D was BURNED BY BABY D's HOTNESS!! So sad okey?? My lens rosak already. I need to buy a new lens. Who gonna sponsor me?

Chee Hsien

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Baby D said...

Part timeeeeeeeee wow took so many 'geng' and 'hot' photo of me eh....hehe thankz alot o...
u are qualified to win the Ultimate ShoutOut Photographer d!!!Weeeeee

Lasker said...

Whahaha, must support fellow Shouters!

Kesian nia didnt get to go blogger's meet .. but nevermind .. we brought the mini meet to you! :)

=jaecywong= said...

eh chisin, i couldn;t go to the orient shouter's thingy cos i'm in brisbane~ come n surprise me in brisbane lar! hehe wicked laugh~

ItchyHandseng said...

Haha wah go stalk the twisties girl ar.hehe.Still got twisties to share?

Chee Hsien said...

Baby: hahahahahah.... must let me take more of ur photo next time :P

Lasker: yaya... must support shouters!!

Jaecy: wait i go brisbane.. then i suprise u :D

ithcy: still got 5 pack in my car :D