Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm Chasing Cars

Its been a bad week for me.
From Monday till Friday. Theres something going on.
It worst till i have to go police station next week.

I don't know what did i done wrong? God is giving me punishment !
I don't know how this 'unlucky' will fly away from me...

This week, theres many happy things in the world but i get it all bad.

PIKOM PC Fair = = people happy because can get cheap PC stuff there. 1-3/12
Queensbay Mall = = New mall opened today ! Open for business 1/12
DOHA Asean Games = = for the sport lover !
New KING for Malaysian on DEC 13
Christmas coming !
2006 ending soon..

What I have this week?
Accident !
Been Fooled !
My black pants become green !
Some Argument with friends !
Test !
Assignment !
Presentation !

My God !

Lots of stuff I'm thinking this few days..

Which place did my friends installed me in their heart?
Will they ever click the 'delete' button and then empty the 'recycle bin'?
Who had installed me and set it to un-delete-able?
Who are they?

Yesterday i talk to someone on the phone for more than 35 minute.
Is been a long time i didn't talk that long.
Is nice to talk to her.

I'll try to care for myself more...
Thanks a lots..

Chasing Cars
Chee Hsien.

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