Friday, December 22, 2006

What I Want For Christmas?

For most of the people, they want a happy moment with their partner or family. Christmas is a very special day, I like Christmas very much ! It's much happier than Chinese New Year, I swear is true, but Christmas can't get angpau lar. There are so much countdown event around the world. Last year was prefect for my friend and I celebrate Christmas. We went countdown at Bukit Bintang. So much fun we have last year, but not this year.

Looks like our gang is getting separated. Is getting less and less people going out together. This Christmas some going to Genting, some have to prepare for study, and some don't know what they wanna do. All going their own way. I made a forum for us, so that we can still in contact and hang out, but no ones seems to care about the forum. Is look like a dead meat there. It look great for the 1st few week, all of us keep posting and posting. Posting like a freak ! Can't stop posting ! 1 week can post up to 1000 post. Go and check it out now, 1 month don't have post already. What happen? Can anybody tell me what happen? I don't wanna see our relationship just disappear like that. there are few friend i didn't see for few month. Why? I guess everybody is just so damn busy with their own studies and work.

Many thing had changed since we graduate from our "growing up" school. We leave each other without saying goodbye. College life is great for me, but it keep missing something in my life in college. College life make me feel I'm getting older and become more mature and also, everything is in English. Luckily my English is not that bad. I still can control most of the thing in college. Friendship is the thing that missing. I can't find friend like I had in secondary school.

Santa, can I have a true friend? If can't, can you tell me who is my long-term friend?

What I want for Christmas?
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