Thursday, December 14, 2006

It Ends Tonight !

I'm having a day from hell, it wasn't going so well.
Save me from this prison, help me get away, cause only you can save me now from this misery. Well I've been lost in my own place and I'm getting' weary. How far is heaven? And I know that I need to change my ways of living. How far is heaven? Lord, can you tell me?

I'm still pending to pass me coursework mark for Kenegaraan Malaysia subject ! Ms. Chew told me just now. I think half of Y1M27 still in pending. Somehow I think that I fail because of that stupid 21 years old girl from my class copy my group assignment without I knowing it, and lecturer found out and deduct my marks ! Me and Alfred was so damn angry that she bluff Chia Pin that Ms Chew said can "RUJUK". She SAID "RUJUK" NOT "COPY"!!!!!!!! You making the situation from bad to worst !! We, the Y1M27, already not so like you from the 1st semester, now you make me so damn fucking hate you !!! I won't sit another year for Certificate in Accounting ! Because Of You ! I have to work more harder !! Argh !! I wish I dare to ask you leave Y1M27 ! If I can force, its would be just so great !

The walls start breathing, my mind unweaving, maybe it's best you leave me alone ! Is Ended.

It Ends Today !
Chee Hsien

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