Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve for 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho !
Is the time for Christmas again !

No matter you are Christian or not, we too, can celebrate Christmas as well. Yesterday was crowded at gurney. I should say just in front Gurney Plaza. Compare to KL's Bintang Walk, people in Penang this year, is more rude lar. I saw three and maybe more people trying to put up a fight. Hey, we're just having fun for the countdown. If you can't expect to play like this, just fuck off ! Just once a year okey?

Well, I meet many TARCian, secondary schoolmate and spent RM30 just to buy the Snow Spray. My dad will say, "What a waste you buy that spray". Haha ! I think I spent not much already compare to my friend. Never mind, just once a year. I have fun and my friend too. Anyway, I still like to celebrate at Bintang Walk, maybe there have more pretty girls, here in Penang also pretty lar... Well i'm not gonna describe how was the situation, but I can tell you, police officer also can't stop us even when they came to the spot and we shout "Spray the policemen!!" As you can imagine, what a pity ! They just doing their job. Oh ya, pity the car that passed by, if you know what i meant.

While we're "spraying" each other. I forgot about my assignment.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to Alfred !

Cant wait for next year. For those that haven't experience it, 24 December 2007 is waiting for you.

Change direction to the assignment ! Christmas almost over !
Chee Hsien

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